14/52 & 15/52

14/52 – it's not a babycino if it doesn't come with marshmallows!

15/52 – ignoring my attempts to bicarb clean the carpet (FAIL), our adorable son reading a bedtime story to the dog.

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Week 20: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Banana
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving around a lot more, it’s like a party in there nowadays.
Symptoms: not sleeping through the night (BOO!), round ligament pain which I thought could potentially be appendicitis – OUCH – I didn’t get this with Logan but apparently it’s common with second+ pregnancies. It was so painful and kept me up all night last night, super intense, I didn’t think all the stretching going on in there would cause something that painful.
Cravings: comfort food and anything I don’t have to cook!
Keep that away from me: nothing at the moment
Weight: 73kg – I want to steal my GP’s scales!
Feelings: definitely in love with our daughter and so happy we found out, although with everything this pregnancy is putting me through I would have been firmly in ‘Camp Girl’ even if we hadn’t found out. I’m hoping this means she’ll be an easy baby but I have my very big doubts.

Random: Officially 21 weeks today and still not feeling very big other than my boobs which have exploded…the men of the world thank you…the Jess’ of the world curse you. I’m refusing the bring out the daggy bras just yet but I’m not having much luck with my normal bras any more.

As I mentioned in the previous post we’re currently playing the name game. Sadly we’re not agreeing on much and I’m getting nervous we’re going to fall back on the name we were tossing around when I was pregnant with Logan that I don’t ‘love’ any more. I’ll just tug on the Hubby’s heart strings after the labour and hopefully get my way hahaha

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Exhaustion has hit overdrive

Thank you for all the well wishes in regards to our new baby daughter on the way! We are all extremely excited and slightly amazed. Whilst I ‘felt’ like I was having a girl I was sure the universe was going to give us another little boy to run rampant with Logan. We’re feeling very lucky and Logan is now asking every day if his baby sister can ‘come out now’.

This blog has definitely fallen to the wayside, not that my life is full of fun adventures I am just exhausted. I’m not sleeping very well and added to the whole pregnancy thing it doesn’t make for a very productive mother let alone blogger. All my energy is going to Logan, myself, the Hubby and our home along with work (one of the Mum’s scored we a little typing at home side gig which is great although all the money will be going to our car boo!).

I’ll try and keep updating about the pregnancy and get around to some bump photos – although I’m definitely not popping yet unless I wear super clingy stuff. But everything else is going out the window. I’m aiming to do Project 52 as well but as with everything else it will get done when it gets done.

Someone explain to me how I’m going to survive when this Little Miss is on the outside!!!???

PS: We are also open to baby girl name suggestions as our girl’s list is just not working for me. My only self-inflicted rules are it cannot be in the top 20 (WA 2013 baby name list), can’t start with L or J and preferably not A due to our last name! See what my poor Hubby has to deal with! Oh and it can’t be an adjective again due to our surname – grrr.

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Week 18 & 19: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Sweet potato (obviously not as big as the ones I pick up at the market!)
What’s Bubs Up To: Jiggling and wriggling and getting hiccups a lot.
Symptoms: starting to feel a little less tired, 1 slept through the entire night once this week *HIGH FIVE*
Cravings: chips preferably from KFC (thankfully I’m not over indulging)
Keep that away from me: mince – this happened with Logan but it’s making me feel a little icky
Weight: unknown
Feelings: very nervous about finding out whether we’d be having another little boy or a girl. I’m feeling a lot more rotund at the moment as well!

Random: A bit of a slow week.


Size: Mango, measuring bang on average.
What’s Bubs Up To: Jiggling and wriggling and getting hiccups a lot. According to the ultrasound bubs has fallen in love with cuddling up to my bladder…thanks baby!
Symptoms: starting to feel a little less tired, needing to pee non stop during the day and a fair bit at night :(
Cravings: sweets and fruit
Keep that away from me: mince
Weight: unknown
Feelings: incredibly excited and happy we found out (after hyperventilating before the appointment – it was weird I was so scared and panicked about finding out), it’s nice being able to stop referring to bubs as It. Over the moon that bubs is still growing and looking healthy, nice strong heart beat! Once again the low lying placenta has reared it’s ugly head argh…

Random: I promise I will do a big reveal but for the moment I’m keeping it to myself until after a family party. I don’t think any family or friends read my blog but just in case! You’ll all find out over the weekend hopefully!

I also promise some bump photos to come, I’m being so overly slack at the moment please forgive me.



Not even two and a half and he's already figured out selfies and changing the colours on my phone!


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This & That

A little bit of an update on life, I feel like I’m very behind the 8 ball with this blog. I may never find my real groove with it but ultimately it’s a record for me and a way of keeping in touch with friends too.

So what has been happening with me away from the keyboard:

  • We celebrated Hubby’s 30th Birthday Week culminating in a weekend away without Logan! It was wonderful, we missed him but it was so nice not having to contend with sleeps and waking up early. Birthday week itself was a bit of a downfall as I have zero energy when Hubby gets back from work that it wasn’t the relaxing week I envisioned for him (he didn’t mind at all of course).
  • I’ve finally been dragging myself down to the park with Logan and the dog. I still need to sit down once we’ve gotten there but Logan is happy to make me pizzas and hot dogs out of sand and sticks. The dog on the other hand wishes we went on longer walks.
  • Crappy reality tv has taken over my life – damn you My Kitchen Rules and the Block
  • A mouse came to live in our house and took over Logan’s digger…I was petrified and had to call my Mum to come and get it out (she hates them as well!).
  • Work is plodding along, the new offices are getting built (yay) so I might have a desk before I go on leave WOO HOO
  • Logan is talking a crazy amount and laughing at himself a lot. Although I’ve uncovered he has a serious hatred of band-aids argh!
  • Last week we had no crying at day-care drop off – I’ve now jinxed myself.
  • My little boy is in the pre-kindy room!!! How did that happen so fast?!
  • I want a new wardrobe and new bras – both bad ideas when you’re in second trimester.

We are counting down to Monday morning and hopefully finding out the sex of Peanut/Grumpy. If we don’t this scan I have about 5 more scheduled after so we should at some point! But first we have a 30th birthday party to throw on Saturday so send sunny wishes our way as I really don’t want to host it at our house if it rains!

Week 17: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Onion (I don’t know if I believe these things!)
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving a little bit more, I’ve definitely been feeling some consistent thumps.
Symptoms: random pain when walking (again same as with Logan), feeling blergh if I exert myself even a little bit, tired but not as bad as before
Cravings: potatoes, salt & vinegar chips, anything sweet or salty, cheese
Keep that away from me: capsicum
Weight: 76kg
Feelings: Good, had my booking appointment with the birth center except they now want me to have lots more scans because apparently I measured 1 point off normal for something in my scan and that could mean a small/pre-term baby…I seriously doubt this going by Logan but maybe it will equal out to an average size baby. At least the scans might forewarn if I’m going to have another whopper! But it’s really not adding to me enjoying this pregnancy.

Random: This time next week we’ll know if we’re having a boy or a girl! Exciting. Bear in mind I’m a week behind with these so I’m actually 18 weeks turning 19 weeks on Thursday.



Do not interrupt a man and his muffin!


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I can’t remember when the idea of writing a novel first popped into my brain. I know I was writing stories when I was in high school so probably then. I doubt I was that forward thinking in primary school.

Reading has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember which is why I was always a little worried when Logan seemed to turn his nose up at books. Since moving into his big bed he’s lapping them up though which is both a good and bad thing – the funny thing about being a parent!

I started to re-read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ book in the hopes that the desire to write would hit me. Unfortunately it hasn’t, I’m loving the book but I’m just not feeling any motivation. The same can be said for this blog which was sort of my writing outlet. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to keep going with it but forgive me for the lack of regular posts and who knows what will happen when the next baby comes along!

My dream will always to one day have a novel published and I think in this era of e-books it may be a lot easier than what it use to be. Although in saying that I’m not going to be publishing anything that wouldn’t be worth it! I don’t know when this will all come about though, maybe when I’m a lot older or maybe it’s just around the corner. That’s the fun thing about life, you just never know.


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