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Something a Little Different

I’m sort of running behind a bit with the Bonding with Bubs posts but at the same time I don’t want that to be all I’m recording on here. I’m officially 37 weeks today! Which means from now until 42 weeks I can deliver at the Birth Centre – providing everything continues to go well.

I got asked if I’d packed my hospital bag at our last appointment…even writing that freaks me out a little. I’ve made various lists and scoured pinterest for suggestions in case I’m missing something but I just can’t bring myself to pack it yet. I feel like once I do that it’s game on and I’m definitely not ready for that yet, especially considering my Mum has just gone to Melbourne and has another trip to Bali all before I’m due.

If anyone has any must-haves to go in the bag please let me know. Apparently Coconut Water is now the new thing!

Today is also kind of a big deal as it marks my first official day of parental leave. I had (have) bucket loads of Mummy Guilt after dropping a bawling Logan off at daycare and I’ll be repeating the process tomorrow. Hopefully he perks up a bit, I know he has a great time (for the most part) once I’m gone it’s just those horrible drop offs.

And for those still wondering we still haven’t come up with a name. I decided I liked Frankie, hubby veto-ed it and then my step-sister reminded me of the little red sausages that are called frankfurts…seeing as her surname already is too phallic I can’t add a sausage first name!

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