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Week 14: Bonding with Bubs


Size: about the size of a lemon
What’s Bubs Up To: I think I’ve felt some movements but still hard to tell. Lots of facial movements are apparently being done too.
Symptoms: crap sleeps, exhaustion, not being able to stand up for too long, feeling uncomfortable – not a fun week. Non-stop eating!
Cravings: salty foods and home-made asian dipping sauce
Keep that away from me: I still don’t have anything
Weight: 71kg (woo hoo I was getting concerned with no exercise and the amount I was eating!)
Feelings: A bit more out of touch with the pregnancy after my GP was still voicing concerns and even mentioned contractions! Excited because I have an appointment at the Birth Centre.

Random: I told work and everyone was excited and happy, looks like I’ll be working up to my due date though if not beyond haha.

I realised I’m doing these at the end of the week as I’ve just hit 15 weeks. So consider this week down not current week! I’m terrible with all this second time around.


Living Simply

Dear February,

You are kicking our butts and you are the shortest month of the year. Please kindly end and March, if you’re listening could you bring some cooler breezes throughout the day and a lotto win?  Oh and no more expensive bills we’re spent both literally and figuratively.

Kind Regards,



PS: This living on one salary thing is hard work. I’ll expand more once March has graced us with her presence.

PPS: Are all months girls? I get the feeling August is a boy but just because I like the name (and no I won’t be doing that to our child!)

PPPS: I had Logan taken off my hands so I could indulge in a much needed hair cut. New hairdresser who I loved but I think I went a bit too short at the back. Oh well it’s growing like crazy now I’m pregnant!


Gr8 Week 3

Gr8 Week 3
So I suck at schedules, I should’ve worked that out from my parenting style…that and my university lifestyle!
  1. Prawn gyozas – ours are cheats out of a packet but perfect for the pregnant lady who doesn’t want to cook. I’m learning to make some yummy asian dipping sauces which are heaven.
  2. SLEEP!
  3. New episodes of The Walking Dead – it’s the thing Hubby and I both love to wind down to.
  4. Cupcakes and sweet treats from fantastic friends.
  5. These amazing JAG Tomboy shorts that my Mum bought me for Christmas. I’m living in them and they are even playing nice with my growing belly. (They’re on sale at the moment too!)
  6. Sweet potatoes. I haven’t made chips yet but I’m roasting these and adding them to everything or eating them by themselves. Have you noticed all the food in this list…I am eating every 10 minutes except when I’m asleep – no, sadly I’m not joking.
  7. Announcing that we are expanding our family and seeing bubba on the ultrasound.
  8. Living around the corner from my Mum – it makes life so much easier especially if Logan sleeps during my appointments.
  9. Logan’s naps improving and sleep-ins.
  10. Catching up with girlfriends for ice-coffee.




He still isn't aware that he's going to be a big brother but we had lots of fun with the announcement photo taking – including scrunching up the ultrasound photos!

Linking up with Jodi from Practising Simplicity.



Week 13: Bonding with Bubs


Size: 9cm (according to the scan) approx 43g
What’s Bubs Up To: belly sleeping according to the ultrasound.
Symptoms: being exhausted pretty much from 930 for the rest of the day although I do perk up at night, dizzy if I get up too quickly, still spotting (grr)
Cravings: sweet things like there’s no tomorrow, nectarines and KFC chips
Keep that away from me: nothing at this point in time although I will say no to a lot of stuff offered
Weight: no idea I haven’t weighed myself in ages.
Feelings: A little less stressed after having the scan but still nervous due to the bleed.

Random: I’m nervous about not getting into the Birth Centre as my other option isn’t great and I do not want to go private. We’re still struggling to come up with a nickname for this Bubs. Pecan was easy but this baby isn’t revealing itself just yet!


Quiet oh so Quiet

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet lately, other than participating in Project 52 & bringing back Gr8 Week. Now you know that I had a pretty good reason: I’m 13 weeks pregnant!

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the easiest of pregnancies – no morning sickness (thankfully) instead many a ‘threatened miscarriage’ which, is another reason why Sri Lanka wasn’t a fun trip. Tonsilitis combined with bleeding/spotting and a visit to a Sri Lankan hospital – not for the feint of heart!

I haven’t really wanted to share this on the blog but at the same time, I’ve been desperate to because most of you have been sharing in my life since before I got married! Other than the somewhat non-stop bleeding (sorry if TMI) and trips to the emergency department, this pregnancy hasn’t been that different to my last with Logan. The exhaustion has now officially kicked in and I’m eating the cupboards bare.

Week 10 (1 day shy of 11)

Week 10 (1 day shy of 11)

I’ve only take 1 bump photo and that was right before a huge bleed. I feel like taking them is poking an angry bee-hive so I’ve been putting it off but now I’ve had the proper scan (number 5!) I at least feel safe in sharing. It’s still really scary though and hard to put anything ‘out there’. So bear with me, I’m sure I’ll open up a lot more when I can start feeling our little bubs grooving around in there.




And so it begins again… a more revealing post to follow xoxo



Logan frangipani

Taken by the Hubby. It’s nice to know he appreciates frangipanis as much as his Mum!

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Gr8 Week

Gr8 Week 2
  1. I didn’t realise that Logan loved watching Pluto. It’s adorable!
  2. My latest tv binge – I know I mentioned it last week but, Mycroft was just on and I love Rhys Ifans! Notting Hill 4 EVA.
  3. My mother-in-law taking Logan to the zoo for a bit of bonding (& so I could relax with my cold).
  4. A co-worker randomly bringing me a coffee!
  5. Kokedama. I did a workshop that my friend runs and it was great! Sadly, I’m not holding out hope for it as, the ferns seem to be a bit unhappy. Even though I’m regularly spritzing them with water!

This week is just a short one even though there’s many more things I’m thankful for being struck down with a cold put a dampner on it all. I guess the biggest happy surprise of the week was feeling much more engaged and happy at work which is always a plus!




Looking too cute in his pink towel after a swim in the “pool” with Grandma. But it was a toss up with the photo below, he is already hating the camera 😦 I thought I had years left before that happened!