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Many of my long time readers will remember that I used to write Logan monthly letters. I decided to end that when he turned 1 (I still regret it). So here I am days late writing his two year old letter and kicking myself for forgetting to take a photo of him with his blankie 😦 I figure taking it tomorrow I’m still in with a chance right?! I might only slightly be cheating the system (which I guess I inflicted on myself). But here goes:


Dear Logan,

I am so happy that you are two years old, every day that I get to experience with you is eye opening. Watching you discover new things about the world and yourself is truly a blessing.

You have been both a nightmare and a dream, but you still have one foot firmly planted in the nightmare camp! We have given up on hoping you will get easier as you get older. Instead we’re focusing on what all this could mean for us and how you will no doubt become an amazing little boy full of passion for life.

Your favourite things at the moment are sweets/treats, not eating dinner, shaking your head in your highchair (your crazy dance), chasing seagulls, playing with playdough in your specific spot with your two tables at Ma & Pa’s house, running, swinging…the list goes on.

You’re also saying so many more things now and always say goodbye to who ever has left or we have left at least 20 minutes later. You know how to give proper kisses, you ask for hugs – little Boo you make my heart melt multiple times a day.

A small smattering of your words:

  • Wiley
  • Meow
  • Woof woof
  • Everyone in the family’s name
  • Bar, bar-bar
  • Tweats
  • Cake
  • Bot-bot
  • Bo-bo
  • Doodsy
  • Warm
  • BYE!
  • Hi
  • ROAR!
  • One, doo, wee (1,2,3)
  • Up (definitely preferred to down)
  • No!
  • Keys
  • Sculpture (once and not very clearly)

Having a toddler is so much fun, sure the terrible twos suck but life with you is completely worth it.

All my love,



DiY Wedding Cake

So that break I took, it wasn’t relaxing. In fact, it involved me making a wedding cake, my first ever, for my little sister – so, there was absolutely no pressure!


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So here's the funny thing about the internet, you sit behind a screen all by yourself but it opens you up to a world of other people. Sure it's not the most conventional way of making friends but I think convention went out the window when the internet got 'switched on'. On a random side note did anyone ever see that IT Crowd episode with the internet and the big red button…

Don't get me wrong, I know the internet is full of nasty spiteful people who love to tear people to pieces but thankfully I haven't experienced that. I think it helps that I'm not a popular blog and I don't sugar coat stuff. I keep this shit real yo – and I'm also a total lame ass!

As most of my readers know Logan isn't the child I thought he would be. I love him so much but he's really hard work and that's only expounded when I get together with the other Mums and their kids. Sure they throw tantrums and aren't always happy but Logan is definitely the nonstop whinger of our group. This week it's gotten to me. I'm sure it's just compounded by the fact that he's going through a phase but I just wish the universe would throw me a bone and give me my happy little boy. I know he can be like that but for most of the time he's not and it's hard work. Case in point this week he threw two tantrums because we went to the park…seriously? What kid hates the park!?

So, I'm going to try anything and everything. TV is getting drastically reduced (god help us!), food is going to get better (not that he eats a lot anyway unless it's sweet!) and I'm going to look into supplements that might help him. But I'm open to any and all suggestions.

This week has been the shittest week, three days of cleaning, a crappy zoo trip, lack of sleep (from me), early wake ups and a crap time at work. But I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lila and Sammie for the kind words and for all the rest of you for supporting me throughout the years. It means the world to me and to any other Mums or Dads going through this, you aren't alone.

There's probably some rule about not blogging after having a crap day right? So if you hated this post, skip it and I promise I'll be back with something shiny and happy…maybe containing lots of sprinkles if I get around to downloading photos off my camera!

PS: if all else fails stay up last your bedtime watching a crappy rom com.


A little update

I haven't really felt like blogging. I've got lots of stuff to share about the wedding, making a wedding cake etc… But Logan is just draining my senses at the moment. Since coming back from Melbourne it seems like his naps have been all over the shop and he's now waking before 6am (which is never ever good for him) and is sort of back to having morning sleeps because of that.

Remind me again why I'm thinking about jumping back on the merry-go-round and having another one!!!

Prime example, 2 secs after this tantrum city!