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Background & Traditions


For those who don’t know Andreas is Danish and I’m Australian which means our little Wolverine has two different backgrounds/cultures to discover. Obviously living in Australia means he’ll be completely immersed in that side of his heritage but that doesn’t mean I want him to lose out on his Danish background. Thankfully Andreas is on board so, Logan will be growing up multicultural and will hopefully feel somewhat at home should he ever choose to holiday or live in Denmark. On a sidenote we are planning a visit for 2013 but he most likely won’t remember that.

Even before we had Logan, I talked with Andreas about wanting our children to speak Danish and because I only know a few words/phrases, this has fallen on far’s shoulders. Ideally, the way we are going about it is having Andreas speak to him solely in Danish regardless of who is around. This doesn’t always happen because sometimes it’s either too awkward (& it should be fun!) or he simply forgets because he’s speaking English to me (or whoever is around him).

But I’m getting off track, I meant for this post to be about a Danish tradition I want to create for our family. One of the things I pride myself on is my baking ability and I used this to create a Father’s Day tradition for our new little family. After finding a pan, I decided that I was going to make æbleskiver (Danish pancakes traditionally served on Christmas). I threw a giant Father’s Day breakfast and these were the ‘main event’. I googled the hell out of recipes and youtubed non-stop to see how to turn these little balls but the best advice came in the form of Andreas’ Mum who told me to make them ahead of time and freeze them and that yes I had to whip the egg whites separately and use buttermilk.

I chose to use an old-fashioned 1890s recipe ( the first recipe under ‘Here is one from Look Co.’ and thankfully shied away from putting a filling in them (I can’t even imagine how much harder that would have made them). You can see how I went with the photos below – these are not easy and if you happen to make a perfect batch your first go I may have to hunt you down! I swore this was going to be a one time thing but I think this will become a tradition and eventually Logan will be able to help me out.

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