Monthly Archives: October 2014


Hello, Hello

Freja is now almost 7 weeks old and I feel like a circus performer (I was never good at juggling either!). So this little blog has had no time to be devoted to it. As it is now I’m feeling guilty for relaxing whilst both kids are asleep instead of cleaning the house (which is very much needed as you can imagine). I have partially written Freja’s birth story but I’m holding back on hitting publish, I don’t know why because I love reading other women’s stories and I shared Logan’s but it just feels like something a bit too intimate to put on here. I also find myself constantly thinking would I be ok with people I know reading what I put on here. To some extent yes but to a greater extent no, not that there’s anything terrible but with personal blogging you do tend to lay yourself bare. What I am getting at is I think this will be the last post from me. I may start a new blog later on down the line but I think it would have a shift in focus to what I don’t know but definitely something I feel more comfortable with.

And now Logan has woken up so I’m going to have to bid you all farewell. If you would like to keep in touch please leave your email &/or instagram handle in the comments. You can always catch me on instagram (I’m aussiemor).

Thank you to all who have been along for the ride, I will definitely still be reading blogs and commenting because I wouldn’t want to lose the amazing friends I’ve made. xoxo