Week 37: Bonding with Bubs

Size: winter melon over 2kg

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, lots of kicking and swishing around

Symptoms: needing to pee lots, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep

Cravings: chocolately stuff but not chocolate in particular, tea

Keep that away from me: mince, tomatoes

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: grumpy, tired, uncomfortable, slightly too relaxed

Random: I’m now full-term and able to go to the birth centre yay! (I’m actually 38 weeks). I caught this damn cold everyone has been fighting and decided to banish it with raw garlic – it seems to be working but my gosh do I stink!

I’m also now on parental leave and it’s difficult turning the mama guilt off 😦 especially with Logan being so upset about having to go to daycare. But I’m just trying to relax as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “Week 37: Bonding with Bubs

  1. Lila says:

    So sorry you’ve got a cold, I had one in the last weeks with Eve and it made me so cranky, as if being full preggo wasn’t hard enough.

    Hope you’re well soon lovely. xx

  2. sassandspice says:

    Enjoy the time while you can. I’m lucky that Lily loves daycare to the point when I took her out she got really upset!!! I suppose she got bored of me breastfeeding Nyla every 2-3 hours during the early weeks. Hang in there and hope you get better soon…I recall I was sick the last week too!

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