About the Name

icecreamandbuckets sprung up from a game we learnt to play on a roadtrip for my Mum’s 40th. There were many things we took from that trip, lots of fun memories, but one of the things that stuck was the bucket game.

I’m sure it’s played across the globe with varying rules and prizes but in my little pocket this is how we played it. You have to spot three buckets and yell ‘BUCKET’ really loud whenever you see one. Once you’ve seen three, you are entitled to an ice-cream – usually from a roadhouse or petrol station so nothing too fancy. However, there’s always a catch, the buckets must not be in use and they have to be in reasonable condition. If you’ve never been aware of the game I apologise for how often you’re going to see buckets now and how annoying it is when noone else is in the car to share it with.

I wanted to create a place where I could share my hunt for metaphorical buckets, my journey through motherhood and life in general. Enjoying the sweet things that life has to offer even if sometimes they come in the strangest forms.

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