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Baby Breakfast


Today I was spoilt by one of my dearest best friends (& former maid of honour) who threw me a Baby Shower for Baby Girl. Sadly she was overseas when Logan’s was thrown (although three of my girlfriends went all out and it was the perfect first Baby Shower) and so this time she wanted to celebrate. I was a little on the fence initially, after all there is the whole argument over a Baby Shower being a one-time only deal, but we both agreed something small and a celebration of Baby Girl would be fine.

Initially she was messed around a lot, dates didn’t work for my Mum or MiL and then I kept forgetting I had things on and had to swap dates a couple of times. Then of course my Great Aunt passed away and the timing just wasn’t good. But things all came together this morning and I felt so lucky. I’m also glad I cancelled the family aspect of it and just went out for breakfast with my girlfriends. There was only 7 of us and it was perfect. The cafe was amazing – best pancakes I’ve eaten in ages at CNR Cafe in Northbridge (you must visit if you live in Perth!) – and my friend even surprised me by having organised a few games as well. I’d asked for no presents instead just a book for her as this is what Logan got and I didn’t want her missing out on her own library.

We talked about everything and anything including trying to find names for Baby Girl. It was like going out for coffee with an old friend, there was no awkward silences, everyone got on well (even though some were complete strangers). After we’d managed to snap some group photos outside my friend further surprised me with a box of cupcakes for each lovely lady to take away. My one wish after such a wonderful morning is that my daughter gets to experience the same amazing friendships I’ve been blessed with.

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Perth Catch Up Recap

So you get three bloggers together, their kids and no photos but that was probably the only ‘fail’ part of our meet up in Kings Park. That and the evil crow that kept trying to steal Lily and Logan’s snacks!

The weather was great, the kids were adorable – Sienna and Lily walked together holding hands (hearts melted everywhere) and it was nice to have proper conversations not limited to the comment sections of our blog.

Everyone who couldn’t make it was sorely missed but we will definitely have to do it again. Next time I promise we’ll be better with the photo taking and hopefully the kids will be better with their napping. Sienna and Logan don’t you realise your Mummies had plans to be on time!

Thanks to Spark (hatchling) and Sass & Spice for making it so much fun and for the great conversations.



So this is a woe is me post – someone give me a swift kick up the arse!

I am torturing myself over my mums group once again because I don't have a “buddy” all the ladies are lovely but I haven't met “the one”. This is the aspect of being a young mum that people don't talk about and, it especially sucks if none of your old friends are close to having babies!

Sometimes I wish all you girls were closer! But some of you are so Perth ladies who is up for a catch up? It's about time we all met 🙂 and anyone further away maybe just maybe you might feel like a WA holiday 😉

So comment here & I will organise. When I have more details feel free to share it on your blogs too, the more the merrier – and yes I will be on the hunt for a BMF (best mummy friend) xoxo