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Week 31: Bonding with Bubs

Size: pineapple

What’s Bubs Up To: really nothing new to report, it’s still a non-stop party in there.

Symptoms: tired, I definitely need my naps; general all round uncomfortableness; not sleeping well at night and waking up early morning; crazy dreams were I’m usually in trouble

Cravings: sweet things and the occasional apple

Keep that away from me: nothing new to report this week

Weight: 80kg give or take

Feelings: getting over people asking if we have any names picked out – it’s getting hard to dodge the “have you got any favourites” – I don’t want to come across as a bitch because I know they’re not asking to be mean so I tend to just lie and say no which isn’t completely untrue…

Random: still no movement on the nursery – she’s the poor second child already, I swear I’d washed Logan’s clothes and we had the nursery pretty much done by now…whoops!


Week 30: Bonding with Bubs

Size: coconut

What’s Bubs Up To: it’s still party time in my belly but now she’s getting me in the ribs OUCH

Symptoms: lack of sleep and I’m definitely feeling her kick me or squish my bladder a lot more. I’ve been getting a sore lower back really easily as well which isn’t fun.

Cravings: coffee, salt and vinegar chips and chocolate the latter two after dinner and yes Hubby has had to do some late night shops.

Keep that away from me: turkey mince – I put it in the pan for dinner and thought it was rancid but figured I should let Hubby do the non-preggo test…turns out I just can’t stand the stuff this pregnancy but any other mince is ok.

Weight: 80kg give or take

Feelings: missing being able to bend over and putting on shoes isn’t much fun! I’ve definitely become “pregnant” now.

Random: hopefully we’re setting up the nursery (somewhat) this weekend. I’m also counting down until my fit ball arrives I can’t wait to sit on it!






Could I…

Random little texts from the Hubby about silly job offers in Dubai…but could I if it was serious?

I’ve been the child of parents who went to work overseas – Dad moved with the bank to Papua New Guinea – whilst the memories are tarnished by my parents divorce I do remember having lots of fun. Sure it must have been dangerous, afterall we had guards, huge fences around our property and whenever we went anywhere lots of security with guns (and my Dad was by no means a high flyer just a bank manager) but I never really took in that aspect of it at the time.

Things changed though and later in life I never saw myself wanting to live anywhere but Perth. Sure I wanted to travel and see the world and take big holidays whenever we could but I knew I wanted to live and raise a family in WA. So what’s changed?

I guess seeing how expensive it is to live in Perth and how our dreams of home ownership keep slipping further and further away (unless we want to live in suburbs we don’t want to live in – I am yet to be able to consider that sacrifice). Something in my brain has switched and I would actually be ok with living in another country. My friend has almost completed her two years in Canada and I’m guessing it’s been one of (if not) the best experience of her life. Coming from a Human Resources background the fear of it disrupting my career trajectory was always there, thinking about how it might be difficult coming back to Perth and getting a job but now…Now I don’t care about mine, only Hubby’s and if it wouldn’t screw with his future prospects then I’m pretty keen.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t respect myself or my career or that I value his career above my own (except to some extent I do) it just means that at this point in our lives he’s doing something he’s passionate about whereas I love my place of work and the work is good but it doesn’t drive me. Then there are the kid(s) to factor in too and I figure before they really get into schooling maybe it would be good to try our time somewhere else?

I know next to nothing about Dubai other than I’ve been through the airport a couple of times and the ads for it on Emirates flights make it look like a rich kid’s paradise. I wouldn’t jump on anything like this without research but for now it’s just day-dreaming fun and it sure does beat doing the cleaning!

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Week 29: Bonding with Bubs


Size:  Acorn Squash – what the?!
What’s Bubs Up To:  kicking, punching, wriggling, going nuts! Responding a lot to her brother
Symptoms: heaps more uncomfortable, the headaches seemed to have lessened and I’ve been able to get out for limited walks (given the weather & Logan’s mood)
Cravings: coffee, salt and vinegar chips
Keep that away from me: nothing this week
Weight: 80kg
Feelings:  exhausted – still not sleeping properly; trying to remember to drink lots of water and avoid liquids after 7pm in the silly attempt to reduce the number of times I need to get up in the night.

Random: Names are doing my head in at the moment! I wish we had something picked out so far I’ve ruled out A names, L names and any adjectives/colours etc… the latter due to our last name.


So it Goes

I keep wanting to write a post apologising for not blogging more often but I’m not going to do those any more. If I was building my blog with the intention for it to become a way for me to make an income or wanting to build readership then by all means I would but I’ve decided I’m not. That might change in the future – heck a little bit of money and some freebies would be nice especially with the upcoming year of no double income (BOO!) – but for now that’s my stance.

From a writing point of view I wish I was more on top of things, I like sharing stuff with people willing to come along for the ride and it’s lovely getting comments and developing friendships through this blog (and the others I read). So I’m going to be the sporadic blogger. At the moment the focus is obviously on Baby Girl and the reason behind that is because I want a document of this pregnancy much like I had with Logan – although poor thing is definitely not in the limelight like he was.

So this blog is just going to keep chugging along and I’ll post things when I get around to it. Thanks for sticking around and putting up with me xoxo

Week 28: Bonding with Bubs


Size:  1.2kg  & eggplant
What’s Bubs Up To:  head 1/5 engaged and I think posterior – which means ouch labour but I’m not really concerned my biggest aim is to jump all the hurdles and be able to have her at the birth centre. She is moving non-stop especially when I’m laying down in bed. This little lady is a mover and a shaker!
Symptoms: still light headed; feeling really stretched in my tummy and not in a nice way, definitely feeling a lot more uncomfortable
Cravings: chocolate and coffee
Keep that away from me: nothing this week
Weight: 80kg
Feelings:  good, other than being constantly uncomfortable – hello third trimester – everything panned out well at my appointment. At the scan the woman confirmed again she’s a girl and said she would be fine (re potentially not developing properly), she mentioned they always freak out too much over people not being in the average for the PAP A blood test and she sees so many women coming through getting all these ultrasounds and the baby is growing just as it should. It was a huge weight off my shoulders feeling like I wasn’t silly thinking she was going to be fine if not a WHOPPER!

Random: No diabetes and everything is well above average – iron levels, vitamin D etc… YIPPEE!!!


Waiting for a Bus

Did anyone ever do this improv during drama class? I loved it, even though I’m an anxious homebody, I could somehow always perform on the stage. I loved drama but I didn’t pursue it beyond the middle of high school – there were other subjects I needed to focus on to get into uni.

Recently at work I had to pretend to be a grumpy bus driver and it was fun – everyone was shocked at how easily I fell into the role. I wasn’t though, sure it is the complete opposite of the real me but I love performing.

But I’m getting off track as I have a tendency to do…

Last week I had my glucose test and tomorrow hopefully I get the results at my midwife appointment (after another ultrasound which I’m a bit nervous about). I didn’t wind up feeling as horrible or faint as I did doing it with Logan but this time I hated the drink, even though it was the same, it felt like I had a mouth full of those green snake lollies blergh! Mum had to watch Logan so she didn’t hang around and after I left the test I sat down to wait for her at a bench. Similar to a bus stop but not one – public transport is another one of my ‘fears’ silly I know.

About 5 minutes later I was joined by an older gentleman who commented that ‘you never want to get old’. Usually I would just smile but I thought stuff that and told him I feel the same way being pregnant & having to sit down all the time, which lead on to ‘congratulations’ and further conversations about family and technology and the like. It was so nice to have a friendly conversation with a complete stranger. With everything that is going on in the media it was nice to have that fleeting connection with someone and know that the world is alright sometimes we just have to make a little more effort and step outside our comfort zone.

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