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Gr8 Week

  1. A new baby girl being born into our Mum's Group.
  2. Going to the zoo & seeing Logan actually enjoy watching the animals.
  3. Gobbling hot cross buns.
  4. Spending time with family.
  5. Watching Oz at the cinema (even if it was a blah movie).
  6. Going to the Bathers Beach markets & eating yummy food.
  7. Playing at the park most days.
  8. Only having one day of work.
  9. Having penicillin left over for round two of my evil tonsils.
  10. Staying up late having a The Following marathon with hubby.

Project Easter

So we have a four day weekend (or rather four days with an extra set of hands!), hurrah for Easter!

With help around the house I wanted to get a project done, namely the family frame wall but hopefully I’ll finally be able to finish spray painting the gold hatstand as well. But the main thing(s) I want to do is have family time. I think we’re finally going to become zoo friends and hopefully get in a couple of big walks as well. I would love to do something Easter orientated but I think he’s still too little to really enjoy it. Besides daycare already did a big Easter celebration and I got to be the crafty Mum:


Are there any Easter traditions you have or ones you are starting up this year?

Liebster award

Thank you to the ever wonderful Lila at Little Wolff for nominating me. I’m not usually one to participate in these kinds of things but I loved reading Lila’s responses so thought what the heck! Forgive me for not going ahead with some of the rules but I couldn’t reach 9 bloggers without crossing over with who Lila nominated. If you want to participate feel free to leave a comment with 11 facts about yourself ūüėČ

Courtesy of Lila:

Liebster is a German word that means dearest, and this award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think deserves more recognition.

Here are the rules:

– List 11 random facts about yourself
– Answer the 11 questions which are given to you by your nominator
– Ask 11 new questions for all the bloggers that you nominate to win the award
– Nominate 9 bloggers with less than 200 followers to win the award
– Go to each of the blogger’s pages to let them know about their nomination
– Thank the blogger who nominated you by mentioning them and link back to their blog

  1. I used to despise coffee, the smell, the taste, everything!
  2. I’m extremely awkward around new people – I’d never be the first to start up a conversation with a stranger.
  3. I overshare (why else would I be a blogger haha)
  4. I can see both sides of an argument – doesn’t mean I won’t quit fighting about something.
  5. I always wanted 4 kids
  6. Chocolate cake does nothing for me
  7. I made a deal with Andreas to change our surname on our tenth wedding anniversary (I don’t see that happening)
  8. I would love to adopt a child and wish it wasn’t so hard to do in Australia
  9. I know what fashion is but I have no sense of style
  10. I punched myself in the nose at boxing today – I’m completely uncoordinated!
  11. I will have another “wedding”/vow renewal in the distant future

1. Were you named after someone? or did you name your children after someone?
My middle name is after my maternal grandmother who I never met and Logan’s middle name is in honour of both grandfathers.

2. Would you rather invest in, nice clothes, good furniture or art?‚Äč
This is a hard one between art and furniture – most of our art is hand-me-down but I really would love to update all our furniture so I’m going with that!

3. Where is your dream location, holiday or home?
Apartment in New York!‚Äč

4. What’s your favourite scent?
Camping but if I have to be specific probably the smell of dew when you wake up early in the morning.‚Äč

5. What’s your favourite piece of clothing / jewellery?‚Äč
My engagement ring with it’s coincidental upside-down A.

6. What was the last song you heard?‚Äč
Something on Triple J.

7. What’s your favourite desert?‚Äč
Icky Sticky Toffee Pudding which I finally learnt to make last year.

8. What’s your favourite season?‚Äč
Winter – I love being able to get rugged up

9. Who do you most want to have a long conversation with?
My Nana who passed last year.‚Äč

10. What do you like most about blogging?
The friends I’ve made.‚Äč

11.‚Äč What is your oldest memory?
This is a doozy because it’s hard to differentiate between photos & stories. I think I remember walking down a hall when my sister was born.

Once again feel free to participate, thank you Lila for sharing your answers and letting me reveal even more of myself!


Gr8 Week


Lots of awesome things happened this week, especially because it was BIRTHDAY WEEK!

  1. Sculptures by the Sea with the entire family (Andreas’ side) and a yummy breakfast before
  2. Cleaning the shower so it sparkled
  3. Coffee dates
  4. Going to work & having awesome co-workers
  5. Celebrating Andreas’ every day
  6. Not getting so narky with my husband – I’m hoping this extends past birthday week!
  7. My amazing husband getting up to his screaming son and letting me have a sleep in on his birthday.
  8. Baking a yummy raspberry yoghurt cake
  9. Getting excited about going to Denmark
  10. Logan transitioning at daycare

It is true what they say about gratitude helping improve your outlook on life, it’s definitely made me more positive!



Hello sore throat, my old foe!

Does anyone have any suggestions for improving my immune system? I know everyone says it comes with the daycare territory but I want to try and fight it!

I start to take Olive Leaf Extract as soon as I get sick and that worked the first couple of times but doesn’t really do much now. I’m exercising and eating pretty healthy (still something sweet after dinner!).

But any tips would be greatly appreciated please.


Birthday Week – How Goes It

We’ve been having lots of fun here in our humble little home. Birthday week officially began on Sunday and Andreas has been loving every minute of it.

There’s been hazelnut chocolate spread from Italy, Cadbury Creme Eggs, lots of yummy dinners but the best yet has been courtesy of Logan:


He had a little help from Mummy cutting out the Danish comics and sticking them on but the rest was all him. He did turn into a smurf for awhile!


Gr8 Week


  1. Going to Harvey Norman and Woolies with Logan by myself and he was so easy!
  2. One of my oldest friends returning from Tasmania
  3. Eating burgers and Logan taking a shine to my best manfriend
  4. One of the beautiful mum’s in my mother’s group getting married
  5. Getting addicted to The Following
  6. Exercise
  7. Getting to control a project at work and it’s training related – SCORE!
  8. Winning lots of chocolate during a Microsoft training course
  9. Cooking a yummy quinoa salad thing
  10. Starting on the gold layer of the hat stand

Yes Man

I’m going to try saying Yes more often and see what happens. I read this article about Tina Fey¬†and how she started to say yes and look where she’s wound up. Not that I want to become rich and famous, I definitely couldn’t hack it.

I can feel inspiration knocking at the door and I know I’ve been hesitant to let it in. But not anymore, I’m not going to sit back anymore I want to see where life will lead. Take that proverbial bull by the horns.

Instead of just thinking about doing things I’m going to do them. No more sitting at home because it’s easier and comfortable, I’ve got to get outside my comfort zone.

Last weekend I was whinging about going out to some family concert with my Mum and Aunty but I forced myself to go and it was actually kind of fun. Logan had a blast dancing with Grandma in front of the speakers and he also had his first brush with fame…


Ernie Dingo

So far I haven’t done anything this weekend which has taken me out of my comfort zone but we’ll see where saying ‘Yes’ will take me.

Tomorrow also marks the start of Birthday Week…let the celebrations begin.




It’s taken awhile but I feel like my life is finally getting a sense of normalcy. After a few crappy/non existent weeks at work (yay for getting sick more often with a kid…not) today was finally a good day. I got given a project and it was like old times with my boss.

Logan seems to be going backwards a bit but he’s getting lots more teeth (finally) and I’m so used to him being clingy and whingy that it does feel ‘normal’ to me.

Until you have kids you really don’t understand what it means to start a family and no one really talks about the hard side of things. Especially how much your relationship suffers and this was definitely compounded by having a difficult child. But Andreas and I are pulling out the stops and making more effort and time for each other. We became slack with our no tech Tuesdays so we’ve now re-instituted it and changed it to Wednesdays and Saturdays. Hopefully this will also help our productivity levels as well.

I’m also really enjoying my exercise classes and looking forward to enjoying having my body back for at least another year! Although another Mum in our group just announced she’s pregnant and I definitely got the pang, will just have to live through all the pregnancies popping up this year. I think I will be the last one to get pregnant in our group (bar anyone who only wants one child).

So here’s to feeling ‘normal’ and getting my life back on track.

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Birthday Week

Photo by the ever amazing Rachael Morhall (if you need a photographer in Perth let me know!)

Photo by the ever amazing Rachael (if you need a photographer in Perth let me know!)

So I’m trying to create some new traditions for our new family and one that is close to the top of my list (for selfish reasons of course haha) ‘Birthday Week’.

I love celebrating birthdays but not my own so I’m hoping this will kill that proverbial bird with two stones. 1) I get to celebrate others and (2) I don’t have to put so much pressure on just one day!

So the first birthday in our household is my awesome Husband’s at the end of March. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve but I have to keep it toned down because the following year is the big 3-0 and that is going to see me going ALL OUT.

I think/know I want to add something to do with random acts of kindness, but I don’t want it to be so uncomfortable that it’s not something fun for his birthday. For Logan’s birthday week I think we’ll go and donate something to either the dog refuge or the cat haven. He’d love that. Andreas on the other hand I’ll have to think about…

Because we’re trying to save a bit of money it’s not going to be extravagant. We’ve already put a $30 limit on the present budget but I’m looking forward to the¬†challenge it will be lots of DiY and ‘I will do this & that for you’.

We’ve already decided to go into Northbridge for the special ‘Yum Cha’ they’re throwing as part of eat drink Perth. Another thought I’ve had is to do a restaurant/cafe passport to explore new places to eat and in turn I guess I could do that for activities as well.

It’s always exciting to start new family traditions, what are some of your special family traditions either ones you’ve newly created or ones from your childhood?

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