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16/52 & 17/52

17/52 playing at the park after a babycino

16/52 eating his first meat pie!


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Library Time

(Pre-warning this is a argh de-stress parenting post…dealing with poop explosions was more fun than this morning!)

The last time I stepped foot in a library Logan was still on the boob and probably only 3-4 months old. It was part of the community health Mum’s Group sessions and it was great even if he did whinge because I was with people I knew and the other smaller Mums Groups that were there were also really nice.

Take two this morning and I won’t be in a hurry to go back. We had the epic tantrum because he couldn’t play on the baby toys which hadn’t been packed away from the previous session and snide mother comments thrown in to the mix as well. Because of course I want your judgement on my already uncomfortable situation!

This was a big deal for me, as many of you know I’m pathetic at getting out and doing things by myself, I was like that before Logan and I’m somewhat worse with him (I would love to see how different it would have been if he was an easy baby). So I put on my big girl pants – which are actually heading in that direction now – and took him to the Storytime Session at our local library. I was after some sort of free activity to get him involved in especially now that we’ve cancelled swimming. Obviously these sessions are bigger than I expected but we entered the library with minimum fuss thanks to some puddle jumping. But from there it just went down hill and I wanted to shove a giant bag over my head and run.

He had a quick play on the baby toy until a bigger boy came over and started pulling at it and they both fell over (not far considering they were both sitting & it was on a rug). I’m used to older kids being a bit rougher with him and my parenting philosophy is ‘let it happen’ unless they’re getting too violent or mean, this is the real world after all I’m not raising a cotton-wool kid. A woman came over (I assumed was the boy’s mother – but wasn’t) and snidely said Logan was too big for it – no shit Sherlock! But I knew if I didn’t let him play in it for a bit we’d be in for one of his giant meltdowns. Unfortunately as soon as the boy blundered off the library assistant took the toy away. I though fantastic because Logan responds well to figures in authority versus me but unfortunately she only put the toy away against the wall and heaps of kids started to play with it which meant Logan had no idea why he couldn’t and tears and crying ensued. This lead to the second remark of “there’s always one, thank god it’s not mine” if I wasn’t embarrassed before I was bright red then. But the other half of me was ready to snap, I love that instead of offering help people are quick with comments such as those. As a mother of a difficult child I always wish their second is a little hellion when I hear that, it’s just such a waste of breath. Why not be nice and either not say anything or offer me a sympathetic smile or better yet a kind word! The world would be a much nicer place and frazzled mothers wouldn’t feel like they had to lock themselves at home going crazy.

Finally the librarian came out and started reading and doing rhymes. Logan sat on my lap off to the side alternating between whinging, clinging and begging to go play on the toy. I wanted to threaten him with going home but I knew that would be a reward for him – any suggestions on what to do in a situation like this greatly appreciated – so instead we just waited it out. He didn’t really calm down so we walked off to go and find some books to sit and read quietly. Again he found another baby walker type toy and proceeded to play with that whilst I tried to coax him with books. Eventually we read 1/4 of a book and left the library…I would like to say we’ll return but I don’t think so, I think he’d much prefer doing something where he can play with toys or instruments rather than having to sit still and listen. But, it makes me think, what would have happened if that damn baby toy hadn’t been there….

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The Staples

I know I need to post for Project 52 but the photos aren’t on my laptop and it’s a lazy Sunday!

Instead I figured I’d talk about parenting staples especially after our fun poop moment at the park this morning (we have been so fortunate to avoid this but it seems like all the unfortunate firsts are happening in 2014!).

Parenting is constantly about learning and being on the ball. You can’t be away with the fairies as much as you used to and it’s always when you’re under-prepared that disaster will strike. At least we got a small play on the equipment in before suffering the blustery winds off the river and driving home with cold take-away coffees. Which brings me to the first staple:


I know not everyone drinks coffee and if you’re pregnant you might want to avoid the caffeine (I tend to stick to one caffeinated drink a day if that). But if you are a coffee drinker this is a must for any parent. Not only does it give you that little pick me up if you haven’t slept that night (or the past week!) but it also gives you a few seconds of you time – unless of course the coffee tastes like crap and then you’re just annoyed!


How on Earth did I survive without these? I even find myself sans Logan with uses for them (although I’m never carrying them around then). Wipes are tricky because if you’re a fan of the environment they’re not so great (for this reason we use flannels/hand washers at home for cleaning faces & hands) and also you need to find the right brand for your little one. But they can do everything! Clean up spills, wipe snotty noses when you’ve forgotten a tissue, clean bums, hands, faces and whatever other body part happens to be sticky/contaminated! Also make sure you’re carrying more than you need because there’s nothing worse than being caught out without enough wipes.


Two reasons (other than the obvious) – they hide tired eyes and they give your child something to entertain themselves with. Of course if you wear prescription sunnies I might suggest not doing the latter but if you don’t stock up on cheap sunnies (I get mine from Cotton On or if I’m ever in Bali). Sure designer sunglasses are gorgeous but if you’re constantly losing them like me even before having kids you’re going to be even worse afterwards!


Like wipes these have multiple uses – blocking the sun from car windows, something handy to sit on, great for wiping rain off play equipment, good for keeping cold weather at bay and likewise shading from the sun, great to throw over your pram as extra protection and if you’re a pro-swaddler (I’m not) perfect for wrapping up your newborn.


Once you enter the later stages of toddlerdom snacks become a necessity especially if you have a kid like Logan. However, the plus side of them being older is you can grab something when you’re grabbing a coffee if you aren’t inclined to make your own (or you’re forgetful). Fruit is always an easy option and Cheerios are my on the top of my list but other things include muesli bars, muffins, sandwiches, crackers, cheese sticks…the list is endless. I’ve found pikelets to be a big hit when I can be bothered cooking and they’re great for hiding veggies in as well plus they’re so easy to make sugar-free. Just remember if you happen to be catching up with a group of toddlers there will be sharing so avoid the peanut butter etc… and be mindful of allergies. But most importantly bring enough to share!


For us this is the iPhone – judge all you want (I know I did before having Logan) but if you want to have a coffee date with some friends who don’t have kids/you’re not in the vicinity of a playground you need something to keep your child entertained or there was no point you even going out! If books work or colouring in stuff then great but Logan will only be “easy” if we give him the technology. I’m hoping Baby Girl will be a different kettle of fish but if she’s growing up with her brother chances are that will be a big fat no. While I’m at it, don’t be too mean to the parents who do throw iPhones etc… at their kids to shut them up, trust me when I say we feel bad enough we have to do it but if it’s that or epic melt downs I know which one I will choose time and time again. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally want to enjoy life without having to do exactly what he wants to do every moment of the day!


This won’t apply to the Dads – unless you like that kind of thing or you’ve got a “neutral” lip balm – but I always make sure I have one chucked in the bag. I am a minimalist when it comes to make up and literally use this and mascara and that’s it. So it definitely helps me feel a bit more human when facing the world.


If you’re hands get dry like mine then never, ever, ever forget this. It’s a horrible feeling having dry hands and no hand cream, I’ve got multiple tubes floating around but this always winds up missing from my bag.

Of course there are many other staples – change of clothes, nappies, water etc… but I thought I’d share my odds and ends. Now back to that extremely cold coffee!

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A time of reflection for those of us in Australia (& New Zealand). Words can’t really describe what those brave soldiers did for us but I am eternally grateful. Nowadays we have no idea just how much people sacrificed in the past or what they went through and to this day people are continuing to be selfless and put others before themselves to serve their nation.

Thank you to all the men and women (& families) both past and present for your sacrifices for our country.


It somehow feels inappropriate to be putting a link on the post but I felt a link to the Anzac appeal was better than any photo I could find on google. If you can, please donate (I get nothing out of this just a good feeling in my heart), if you can’t, please honour our/your service men & women in your own special way today.

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Week 22: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Papaya.
What’s Bubs Up To: moving lots and lots and at one point it felt as though she was moving up towards my ribs!
Symptoms: dizzy a lot when trying to get housework done – which sounds like an awesome way out but really sucks because it means Hubby is doing everything on the weekend BOO!
Cravings: sweets and yummy food
Keep that away from me: I was actually anti-chocolate over Easter but now I’ve turned into the chocolate monster!
Weight: still no idea it’s nice. I feel like I should be ballooning with the amount of crap I’m eating!
Feelings: over the dizziness because I want to clean the damn house!

Random: I can’t believe I’m over halfway! We are hopefully going to be raising an amazing little girl come August – it’s amazing to think!




Reading Loki a bedtime story.

So today my little boy is 29 months old! I thought it was about time I gave a little update on what our cheeky little monkey is up to.

He has so many silly little phrases:

  • “Be careful <insert name of person doing nothing dangerous here>…very careful.”
  • “Tickle, tickle, tickle” and wiggling his fingers at us
  • “Stop Mummy stop!” usually when I’m singing but also 5km from a traffic light!
  • “Fizzy water pwease Mummy” (he loves soda water)
  • “Peppa Pig YAY!!!”
  • “Me no like Octonauts, Mummy love Octonauts but me no like”
  • Singing along to his favourite digger book “…work all day” the sweetest thing to hear from another room; he also sings a little rhyme we learnt in his music class called criss, cross, apple sauce
  • Waking up Easter Monday he ran to the door at my Dad’s place and shouted “EGGIES!” – someone definitely enjoyed the easter egg hunt, thanks Easter Bunny!
  • Dirty is said in this funny british accent that he picked up from 1 random character on Ben & Holly (yes TV is still an unfortunate huge part of our lives)

He is growing into a little boy, his speech is still a bit over the shop but we aren’t concerned and he’s still learning Danish but not really interested in speaking it.

He is a great combination of me and Hubby and it’s nice to see that he’s also his own little guy. So far he’s only had 2 hair cuts and the shag style is definitely staying for as long as possible – or unless he requests otherwise!

Logan is a little bossy boots (wonder who he gets that from) he will take it upon himself to tell other kids off if he hears adults doing it. Sometimes it is adorable, other times it’s a bit too over the top, there have been a couple of hitting incidents but thankfully nothing too terrible.

Music classes were great but unfortunately too expensive to continue with. He was enjoying playing the instruments but it took him a looooong time to stop acting up in class. We had to write diary entries at the end of each class and none of his were fantastic he would always be unhappy at one point or another (or more). If he’d been great the whole way through then I definitely would have kept him in – prices be damned!

Swimming is going well, Logan will throw himself under the water and then kick his way up but like with music it’s on and off as to his mood. But we’ll keep up with it because it’s the only class he’s in and it’s teaching him an important skill as well.

He is obsessed with his Ma & Pa and would rather stay with them than us (they are even taking him on a Melbourne weekend away to visit his Aunty & Uncle). It’s great for us and for them, sometimes one of us will feel concerned but it is so nice that he loves them so much and has such a fantastic relationship with them.

There is so much more to share but it isn’t popping into my head as I’m writing this. He is such a beautiful little man and we feel so lucky to have this tantrum throwing, tv loving, funny, cheeky monkey as our son.

Week 21: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Pomegranate (too cute, one of my favourite fruits!)
What’s Bubs Up To: kicking and hiccuping and moving a lot especially at night and occasionally after a meal.
Symptoms: a wonky belly button (yay for being able to freak out the Hubby) but no real symptoms, the occasional twinge in my side but thankfully no more ligament pain freaking me out.
Cravings: sweets and chips
Keep that away from me: still nothing although there was some issues with carving into a roast
Weight: no idea but I would be very surprised if I’d hit 80kg, I’m definitely small (but not at all worried) but a bump is there.
Feelings: Happy over little girls clothes that are being donated or bought – she is already super spoilt and loved

Random: Technically this should fall in the next BWB post but I cracked up so hard today when my Mum asked Logan what his baby sister should be called and he said Booger Nose. I love my little boy so much!!! A bit of an odd proud mama moment

I must continue to apologise for no bump photos they’re all on Hubby’s phone and I just keep forgetting to steal them!


14/52 & 15/52

14/52 – it's not a babycino if it doesn't come with marshmallows!

15/52 – ignoring my attempts to bicarb clean the carpet (FAIL), our adorable son reading a bedtime story to the dog.

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Week 20: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Banana
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving around a lot more, it’s like a party in there nowadays.
Symptoms: not sleeping through the night (BOO!), round ligament pain which I thought could potentially be appendicitis – OUCH – I didn’t get this with Logan but apparently it’s common with second+ pregnancies. It was so painful and kept me up all night last night, super intense, I didn’t think all the stretching going on in there would cause something that painful.
Cravings: comfort food and anything I don’t have to cook!
Keep that away from me: nothing at the moment
Weight: 73kg – I want to steal my GP’s scales!
Feelings: definitely in love with our daughter and so happy we found out, although with everything this pregnancy is putting me through I would have been firmly in ‘Camp Girl’ even if we hadn’t found out. I’m hoping this means she’ll be an easy baby but I have my very big doubts.

Random: Officially 21 weeks today and still not feeling very big other than my boobs which have exploded…the men of the world thank you…the Jess’ of the world curse you. I’m refusing the bring out the daggy bras just yet but I’m not having much luck with my normal bras any more.

As I mentioned in the previous post we’re currently playing the name game. Sadly we’re not agreeing on much and I’m getting nervous we’re going to fall back on the name we were tossing around when I was pregnant with Logan that I don’t ‘love’ any more. I’ll just tug on the Hubby’s heart strings after the labour and hopefully get my way hahaha

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Exhaustion has hit overdrive

Thank you for all the well wishes in regards to our new baby daughter on the way! We are all extremely excited and slightly amazed. Whilst I ‘felt’ like I was having a girl I was sure the universe was going to give us another little boy to run rampant with Logan. We’re feeling very lucky and Logan is now asking every day if his baby sister can ‘come out now’.

This blog has definitely fallen to the wayside, not that my life is full of fun adventures I am just exhausted. I’m not sleeping very well and added to the whole pregnancy thing it doesn’t make for a very productive mother let alone blogger. All my energy is going to Logan, myself, the Hubby and our home along with work (one of the Mum’s scored we a little typing at home side gig which is great although all the money will be going to our car boo!).

I’ll try and keep updating about the pregnancy and get around to some bump photos – although I’m definitely not popping yet unless I wear super clingy stuff. But everything else is going out the window. I’m aiming to do Project 52 as well but as with everything else it will get done when it gets done.

Someone explain to me how I’m going to survive when this Little Miss is on the outside!!!???

PS: We are also open to baby girl name suggestions as our girl’s list is just not working for me. My only self-inflicted rules are it cannot be in the top 20 (WA 2013 baby name list), can’t start with L or J and preferably not A due to our last name! See what my poor Hubby has to deal with! Oh and it can’t be an adjective again due to our surname – grrr.

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