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Welcome to the Family

So this blog went a bit quiet for a pretty obvious reason…Baby Sister made her debut.

Freja Clementine (pronounced Fray – a, even though that’s not how you pronounce it in Danish whoops!) was born Wednesday 27th at 5pm weighing in at 3.975kg roughly 8.13lbs and measuring 50cm. I had a reasonably easy labour and was able to remain at the birth centre but unfortunately when we went to get discharged Little Miss Freja decided to follow in her big brother’s footsteps and had to be admitted to the special care nursery with respitory distress and a possible infection. We visited every nursery at the hospital during her stay there and were very lucky to be discharged Sunday morning.

I’ll be a little bit more in depth in the future but everything is great now. Logan is loving being a big brother although he will often tell us either he’s not Logan he’s Big Brother or he’s not a Big Brother he’s Logan. Freja is a very chilled baby and completely different to her nightmare of a newborn brother. She’s so good we even went out for lunch and ice-cream yesterday before she was even a week old!

Now for some photos of our little bruiser aka Mini Logan:

IMG_2016 IMG_2023 IMG_2039

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