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Gr8 Week

  1. Reading blogs
  2. A good week at daycare (My constant grateful for but I will never take this for granted!)
  3. Supernatural – Jensen Ackles enough said 😉
  4. Mums' night out however, I did realise I am definitely a quite retiring type though!
  5. The love Logan has for his grandparents
  6. Trucks – Logan's reactions are adorable!
  7. Zoo trip with my Mum, sister and Logi Bear
  8. Porridge with apples and dates
  9. Being able to give back my Mum's pain in the ass dog a day earlier than expected!
  10. Cute shoes





Gr8 Week


  1. The mojo came back with my last post
  2. Cold weather
  3. Yum cha with my friends – turns out Logan loves soft shell crab!
  4. Sleep
  5. Compliments – two of the book club girls told me I accessorise very well.
  6. My husband always taking the reins with Logan
  7. Adorable babies
  8. Family dinners
  9. Watching Logan at swimming
  10. Logan having a good two days at daycare



Your hair will go curly…

Someone really wants straight hair!


Raising a Wolverine

I’m nowhere near getting the hang of raising our little Wolverine. He’s our first so everything around the next bend is a complete surprise – or smack in the face depending on how you want to look at it. I’m a planner so this has definitely been hard to come to terms with.

It’s also crazy when you’ve spent the majority of your life wanting to be a Mum and when it happens it is the total opposite to what you thought it would be. I’m coming to terms with that aspect of it though and I think a large part of that is because Logan is getting easier to manage. He will never be an easy child (I’ve resigned myself to that fact) but he’s my child and I love him to bits.

Here are a few tips though that I thought I’d share:

  1. They do what they do – kids meet milestones at different times – side note THE INTERNET CAN BE WRONG!
  2. Don’t stress – very hard but make sure you take time to yourself – remember how you used to be Number 1? That’s still important!
  3. You can’t break them – well you can but if you’re that kind of parent you wouldn’t be reading this and you need way more help than these tips can offer.
  4. To each their own – all parents do things differently, don’t feel guilty that one mum is making their own fish fingers and you give them out of a packet (*cough* speaking from experience *cough*)
  5. They won’t eat – you know you’re amazing eater…in a few months they won’t eat a thing – don’t worry about it they still keep growing, who knows why!
  6. Do what you can do – if you weren’t superwoman before you had a baby (eg baking goddess, diy genius) you definitely won’t be after having a kid and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you were superwoman I don’t want to hear about it
  7. Sleep – if you’re baby sleeps through from the beginning don’t share this with parents who are tearing their hair out on day 5 of no sleep. Don’t believe people telling you that they will sleep through at 3 months, 6 months etc… see Number 1.
  8. You are amazing – don’t ever forget that and whilst you’re life will never be the same again try and keep doing what you were doing before – don’t lose yourself to being a Mum & Dad (but of course enjoy every minute because it is the best role of your life!).
  9. If all else fails have a big cry – sometimes it’s just what you need!

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Gr8 Week

I can feel myself slowing down with this, not because I don't have thousands of things to be grateful for but because blogging seems to once again be taking a back seat. I don't know what direction I want to go in but for the while I'm just plodding along.

  1. Having the BEST day yesterday, it was nothing special but reminded me of an Andreas and Jess day before Logan except he was with us and it was that much better.
  2. Finally working on Logan's first year photo book and reliving the past 18 months.
  3. Loving that Andreas doesn't mind buying Logan a pink play kitchen.
  4. Beautiful sunny Perth days.
  5. My abs being super sore – exercise is worth it!
  6. Logan chowing down on a bowl of fried rice last night.
  7. Watching Arrested Development.
  8. The look on Logan's face when I pick him up from daycare.
  9. Fundraiser hot dogs.
  10. Coffee.



Messy Jessy!

Our weekends always involve a family walk to the park. It used to be the time I'd send them all off so I could clean but thankfully I've come to my senses.

I am definitely one to get too hung up on making sure the house is clean, a little mess never killed anyone but not spending quality time with my family definitely might! So I'm trying to ignore the mess and enjoy the limited time I have with them all. Especially Andreas seeing as he works full time, I'm reclaiming our weekends and forcing myself to clean during the week (always easier said than done).

These past few days have been devoted to deeper cleaning and it was nice to spend a lazy Sunday listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 (of the past 20 years) and purging all my stuff. I still haven't physically gotten rid of it – I'm going to donate it all but part of me is holding back because I know I could probably get a bit of cash if I threw a garage sale (but those things are horrible and hard work). I keep apologising to Andreas because the house looks disgusting but if you open the fridge or any of our kitchen cupboards they sparkle. Hidden cleaning is a lot less rewarding!

At present we are currently debating buying a new dyson vacuum or a robot vacuum so, if anyone has any opinions on this please speak up! Both of them are a significant amount of money but the latter would definitely help my sanity seeing as I loathe vacuuming and put it off as long as possible – which around these parts isn't very long unfortunately! But I'm just trying to come up with ways to make sure I stop getting so obsessed with a clean house and start focusing more on everything else. It turns me into a cranky wife and mother and I definitely don't want Logan growing up with me like that! On the plus side though cleaning (when I finally do it) makes me feel like I've accomplished something and I'm definitely happier afterwards.

Ok, so I'm officially a housewife in need of an afternoon glass of wine haha tune in next week for a post on how to cook the ultimate roast and keep your man happy (jokes…I hope!).


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Gr8 Week

A switch was flipped this week…finally! So feeling a lot like my old self.

  1. Making pompoms
  2. Potential matching sister tattoos
  3. Instagram (@aussiemor)
  4. Yelling at The Block with Andreas…what's happened to the renovation aspect of the show! Now it's just boring bitching.
  5. Buying two new jackets – yay for calling in a birthday gift.
  6. Music, specifically Triple J all weekend
  7. Tiny babies
  8. Wardrobe/closet purge
  9. Cute socks
  10. Logan (excluding the fact he's been having a horrible time of drop off now he's in the toddler room)




Does anyone else watch Parks & Recreation? If you don't I highly recommend giving it a whirl but definitely start with the first season. Anyway you'll get the title if you do 😉 and even if you don't it still means the same thing. I'm trying to get my youth on ha-ha-ha

But getting back to the purpose of this post I wanted to show off my winnings from the Figs & Ginger. I keep talking about it so now I can finally reveal most of what I got. I say most because I did get a present for someone and I don't want to reveal it in case they stumble across my blog (doubtful but possible).


The pieces are beautiful and I've taken to wearing the L with the wooden heart necklace (I'll definitely be purchasing another letter when the time comes although at this stage another L name is on the top of the list – we're turning into the Duggars argh!). You can tell that they've all been made with love and it makes me feel special wearing them. In fact, I haven't taken off the earrings yet – even though my ears are a bit sore, I haven't used the second piercing in forever because I didn't have anything that went with the diamond studs but these are perfect! The packaging was super cute as well and for something shipped from the States it arrived on my doorstep pretty quickly!

So, if you're in need of some cute jewellery I definitely suggest checking out Figs & Ginger. I also want to add this post has nothing to do with promotion or freebies, I won a competition at Design Mom and just wanted to show off my swag 😉

What's your favourite thing you've won in a competition?



Gr8 Week

All out of whack with today being a public holiday (WA Day). This list is much needed, I've been feeling out of sorts lately even with everything going so well!

  1. Not doing any cleaning last weekend.
  2. Having a family dinner which included nachos and a yummy beef pomegranate salad
  3. Getting my goodies from Figs & Ginger a post on these later
  4. Going to AQWA and seeing Logan splash around in the touch pool I used to love as a kid.
  5. Finishing books White Gardenia was the last one
  6. Enjoying the weather.
  7. Logan enjoying daycare!!!! No tears on drop off at all last week it was amazing.
  8. In line with 7 that my little boy is ready to move to the toddler room for good this week (bittersweet)
  9. Going out for dinner with my high school friends
  10. Getting my little sister's hens finally sorted out with no tears or tantrums HURRAH!