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As we draw to a close…


So I’m officially overdue and further along than I was when I had Logan. No 23rd baby which I was not so secretly hoping for and now we’re playing the waiting game. I’m starting to feel some niggles so hopefully things will get rolling without me being super overdue. For now I’m just enjoying our last moments as a family of three and getting lots of things done:

  • I’ve downloaded music – hurrah for relaxation tracks but who knows if I’ll actually want them.
  • The nursery is done enough for now, I still need to iron the curtains (snore) and get the Hubby to fix up the curtain rod but it’s cute and habitable. I still want to secure the Ikea spice racks to her chest of draws for books and fix up the lighting situation. I’m also still waiting to receive some custom frames I ordered online and then I’ll need to put some art up. I’ve also ordered some washi tape to put some more art up – that’s still trendy right haha!
  • Snacks have been bought (including Adriano Zumbo salted caramel tim-tams although they’re more for the support crew).
  • Bags are packed (minus in use toiletries)
  • Names are getting sorted out – we have a short list!!!
  • Logan and I are having lots of one on one time, it might not always be adventures but I’m loving spending time with my little man. Who today swore he was not a boy, he was Logan and I was Jessica Mummy not a girl – heart officially melting.
  • We’re going on family dates, yesterday was the zoo and today was dinner out.
  • The car has been washed, floors vacuumed (that is a pregnant lady back killer), the dog is nice and clean.

Hopefully this is my last post before I get to share a beautiful photo of our darling daughter but who knows what the future holds, for now it’s living in the moment for this little family of three.

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To Do

So Baby Girl will be making her debut in around 7 weeks – give or take – although if she’s like her brother she’ll be pretty damn close to her due date (August 22nd). I still look tiny and I’m not actually taking offence when people look surprised after I tell them I’m 32 weeks, I thought I’d look bigger too given this is my second pregnancy and I’m just assuming she’s going to be another little whopper (Logan was 9.9 pounds which I think translates to just under 4.5kg).

There’s been so many things different between this pregnancy and Logan’s and that’s without me even going back and comparing my Bonding with Bubs posts. I don’t put anything down to the fact that they’re different genders – I’m not sure if there is scientific proof behind any of that but I don’t really believe it. The only thing that really seems to be the same is the belly size. I’ve definitely enjoyed this pregnancy a lot less, been way more uncomfortable and had lots more to stress over! I feel slightly bad about that because it is amazing that I am pregnant and being pregnant is definitely a crazy but special experience but it just sits funny with me. I always thought I’d be the girl who could quite happily have lots of kids and then go on to be a surrogate if the need arose for someone but now I’m somewhat second guessing that. Maybe it comes from already having Logan and wishing I could do everything I could with him before or maybe it’s just weird pregnancy hormones – who knows.

Anyway this post was supposed to be a To Do List to hold me accountable for things I need to get done before Baby Girl arrives. I really feel behind the 8 ball on this one, even my Mum was asking if we needed anything hung up the other day!

  1. Haul all the junk out of the nursery – seeing as this room was our office/craft/dump room there is a lot to get through. I spent most of yesterday cleaning it out but because it was predominantly used by the Husband he’s got a lot of stuff to sort through now.
  2. Wash all the newborn clothes and anything else she’ll be coming in contact with eg: basinette stuff, car seat cover…(although maybe this should be done when item 5 is so I have a place to put them, otherwise everything will just go back in the boxes)
  3. Buy a pack of newborn nappies for her and other necessary toiletries for me
  4. Sell any unwanted furniture on Gumtree (we already got rid of the computer desk yay! Although the woman was super cheeky and only paid $20 for it but it’s gone and not in landfill so hurrah).
    • The white chair I used to feed Logan in (I’m trying to figure out a way to keep this though, it may move back into Logan’s room)
    • Tiny sewing desk – I think this will be a free to good home
    • Black rolltop set of drawers – I love it, we had it in Logan’s nursery in our old place but the placement of the window in this nursery is making it difficult to keep. I think this will be a keeper and will just get moved to the lounge
    • Old white CD tower – it’s solid and is made up of draws (not a CD rack) so I was considering re-purposing it but I think this will also be a free to good home
    • Old computer monitors – we have 2 and just bought a new laptop (to replace Hubby’s desktop)
  5. Move Logan’s chest of draws into the nursery
  6. Set up the nursery – put down the rug, move the furniture around, put up some art…
  7. Set up a new play area in Logan’s room to replace the chest of draws – we’ll reuse items we already have nothing new will be bought thank fully
  8. Potentially get another rug/mat to go under my feeding chair
  9. Cook some freezer meals and snacks
  10. Sort through my boxes of maternity/newborn stuff
  11. Pack my hospital bag
  12. Install car seat – I think we will leave this until after she’s born but might store it at my in-laws so it’s closer to the hospital (otherwise there’s no space in our little car)
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