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Hello Life, My Name Is…

This always reminds me of starting a new class, those horrible little introduction things you had to do! My least favourite was whenever they did it according to the alphabet – thinking up things that start with J sucks.

Lately I’ve been realising that two procrastinators having a baby who turns out to be much like his name sake (a little Wolverine) does not make for a very productive household/life. Things are always on the backburner and I feel as though housework is the only thing that really gets done, any projects we want to do fall to the wayside because someone always has to look after Logan.

Thankfully our family has been a huge help and as I noted in my grateful post we got a shade sail put up out the back. Did I also add that neither of us have a ‘handyman’ bone in our body? Thank god for my step-dad and brother-in-law (if you’re in Perth and need a plumber/aircon guy let me know!) they really stepped in and saved us from having to pay lots of money we don’t have. I also managed to squeeze in working on painting our second-hand hat stand, granted I only got the undercoat sprayed on but that’s a start!

But working on projects meant the housework fell to the wayside and in my dream life I would love to hire a cleaner but we’re trying to save money at the moment so that’s out of the question. It just means vacuuming whilst the rest of the family goes for a walk and letting the mopping go until next week! All this money saving is in the hope that we can buy the remainder of the mortgage on this house off my Mum and step-dad.

Tonight we’re meeting with a finance guy to talk over options and fingers crossed we get a good result. It’s definitely going to see a big change to our lifestyle but we haven’t really had to do it hard yet and I know we are so so spoilt in that regard. I guess that will mean even more projects will have to wait but if it all works out we will be sort-of homeowners! Time to crack open a cheap bottle of bubbly.

Thankfully if it doesn’t all work out we’re not facing eviction for another couple of years which will probably coincide with another baby but living out of suitcases with a little one is what we do best 😉

Sorry for the random to-ing and fro-ing of this post I’m sick and Logan has done my head in today. I think we are dropping our afternoon sleep but he doesn’t seem to be lengthening the morning one so it’s nightmare city. That combined with this cold and teething makes for a miserable Monday!


Gr8 Week

Lila and a post (from tiny buddha) about living in the present inspired me to do a grateful for weekly round up. I find myself being a bit too much of a negative nelly, hopefully this will put a stop to that.

So without further ado here is my first Gr8 Week list:

  • Logan getting ‘1’ front tooth.
  • Watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead – amazing!
  • Getting a shade sail installed out the back.
  • Visiting our somewhat local farmer’s market and seeing Logan playing with some other kids.
  • Cooking an amazing chicken roast with veggies and gravy (and no recipe!!!)
  • Having improved my balance a lot in my boxing class.

I really enjoyed doing this, and it’s made me realise that I have so many positives in my life, I’m a lucky girl. Thank you for the inspiration Lila!


Date Changed – Perth Catch Up

There should be some cliched saying about organising ladies and their babies – we’ve had to change the date so more of us can attend. See the details below:

Date: 26th February (Tuesday) changed to 5th March

Time: 3pm

Where: Stickybeaks in Kings Park – we’ll meet at the cafe to fuel ourselves up and then let the little ones run riot.

Of course anyone is welcome, be you a blogger or a reader, the more the merrier. Feel free to share this on your own blog as well.

I can’t wait to meet everyone and we will definitely miss those of you that can’t make it or don’t live in Perth! Hopefully we will see everyone soon. I’m going to add that to my 30×30 list!

Rainbow Paddlepop

Guess what I did on Sunday…


SO MUCH FUN! I will definitely be doing it again – I jogged (my version of running at this stage!) 3 out of 5km if not more. I was very impressed with myself, even though I didn't keep up with the girls I started off with, I was still proud of my effort. I've never done something like that and did no training whatsoever except for my usual two exercise sessions per week (with a big gap over Christmas).


I never really knew how to pose with my hands/arms but rest assured I do still have both arms, it really was the happiest 5k 🙂



Perth Catch Up

Be there or be square…yes I am that lame, in real life as well, I blame my husband!

Date: 26th February (Tuesday) changed to 5th March

Time: 3pm

Where: Stickybeaks in Kings Park – we’ll meet at the cafe to fuel ourselves up and then let the little ones run riot.

Of course anyone is welcome, be you a blogger or a reader, the more the merrier. Feel free to share this on your own blog as well.

I feel as though we should all bring a red rose or something haha but most of us will be recognisable from our blogs. However, if you’re a reader or you like anonymity on your blog just yell out ‘JESS!’ or ‘YES!’ (I am often left looking like an idiot when I turn around to the latter but they sound exactly the same to my terrible ears) and I will invariably turn around.

I’m terrible with checking my email so it’s better to leave a comment on here.

And in case you haven’t seen me before  (in colder times – go about 40+ temps!):


So I was about to…

pull out the laptop, write a new post and comment on everyone’s blogs (because iPads suck when it comes to being able to make a comment most places!) and then – Logan decides to wake up. I am a firm believer in jinxes and I knew it was going to happen! Less than an hour sleep though, that’s not fair! My coffee is still 3/4 full and I haven’t even started on my breakfast. The life of a Mummy.

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Perth Catch Up

Typical the dog just had to ruin my photo! As Ben Cousins would say 'such is life'


To all my readers in Perth we are trying to organise a catch up. So please join us and hopefully we'll form those kind of friendships that last a lifetime and if not at least we'll have lots of fun catching up and seeing each other without a computer screen in the way!

No dates have been set as of yet and we will need to work in around nap times etc… Could people let me know if they wish to attend and if either a Tuesday or Sunday would be doable and if you prefer morning or afternoon. Most likely we will be meeting up in Kings Park so that kids who do like to run wild can.

If it all works out then hopefully this can become a somewhat regular thing. For those people not in Perth I hope this encourages you to do something similar or better yet maybe later on we can all catch up somewhere. I'm excited to be getting out of my comfort zone and meeting a lot more wonderful ladies and adorable kiddos too.

If you are a Perth blogger feel free to share the love – I know this post is missing the details but the more people comment the better it will be.