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Hello, Hello

Freja is now almost 7 weeks old and I feel like a circus performer (I was never good at juggling either!). So this little blog has had no time to be devoted to it. As it is now I’m feeling guilty for relaxing whilst both kids are asleep instead of cleaning the house (which is very much needed as you can imagine). I have partially written Freja’s birth story but I’m holding back on hitting publish, I don’t know why because I love reading other women’s stories and I shared Logan’s but it just feels like something a bit too intimate to put on here. I also find myself constantly thinking would I be ok with people I know reading what I put on here. To some extent yes but to a greater extent no, not that there’s anything terrible but with personal blogging you do tend to lay yourself bare. What I am getting at is I think this will be the last post from me. I may start a new blog later on down the line but I think it would have a shift in focus to what I don’t know but definitely something I feel more comfortable with.

And now Logan has woken up so I’m going to have to bid you all farewell. If you would like to keep in touch please leave your email &/or instagram handle in the comments. You can always catch me on instagram (I’m aussiemor).

Thank you to all who have been along for the ride, I will definitely still be reading blogs and commenting because I wouldn’t want to lose the amazing friends I’ve made. xoxo

So it Goes

I keep wanting to write a post apologising for not blogging more often but I’m not going to do those any more. If I was building my blog with the intention for it to become a way for me to make an income or wanting to build readership then by all means I would but I’ve decided I’m not. That might change in the future – heck a little bit of money and some freebies would be nice especially with the upcoming year of no double income (BOO!) – but for now that’s my stance.

From a writing point of view I wish I was more on top of things, I like sharing stuff with people willing to come along for the ride and it’s lovely getting comments and developing friendships through this blog (and the others I read). So I’m going to be the sporadic blogger. At the moment the focus is obviously on Baby Girl and the reason behind that is because I want a document of this pregnancy much like I had with Logan – although poor thing is definitely not in the limelight like he was.

So this blog is just going to keep chugging along and I’ll post things when I get around to it. Thanks for sticking around and putting up with me xoxo

Gr8 Week

I’ve decided to bring these back because it is so important to focus on the happy.

  1. The kindness of friends and family.
  2. Nectarines and grapes from our local fruit and veg shop – yummy and always perfect.
  3. Elementary – I’m a bit late to the show but I’ve been binging and loving it (although I’m sure the UK version is better!)
  4. My amazing husband cooking lots of dinners.
  5. Logan’s ‘unimpressed’ teenager look at the age of 2
  6. Chocolate – I haven’t had any recently, I’m trying to be healthy but it’s so good!
  7. Accents.
  8. Rice covered in the chicken wing sauce that my Mum makes. There’s nothing about home cooking from your childhood.
  9. A random dream I had about Ancient History and remembering how much I loved that unit in high school. Pity it wouldn’t turn into a decent job!
  10. The good things about the internet, check out these two videos:


Feel free to link up in the comments if you want to share in the happy xoxo



Does your hair define you?


I’ve had all kinds of hair – Sporty Spice circa mid-90s; the Pob; long hair; layers; fringe (aka bangs); bright orange; bright pink; bright red…

So I guess you can assume A) I love the Spice Girls and (B) I like to make a statement.

Most recently (ok about 4/5 months ago) I cut most of my hair off into a concave bob/pixie cut it felt so refreshing. No more spending 30+ minutes blow drying my hair (& that wasn’t even to make it look good) and no more oily yuck!

Since then I’ve only had one somewhat negative comment from my cousin saying it was a mum cut and even then I don’t think she meant it negatively. But she is from the group of never cutting my long hair beyond a trim. Mostly everyone is really impressed with it and somewhat jealous which I find funny.

It always strikes me as odd what people consider lucky. For me apparently, it is that I don’t have to use a straightener. It looks more styled if I do but honestly it doesn’t really make much difference. I’m surprised to find that’s a thing to covet! For me I covet a fringe that doesn’t have a giant cow lick front and centre haha

By far my worst haircut was in kindergarten when Mum gave be a bowl hair cut! It makes me wonder what is in store for Logan!? I feel that an at home job is on the cards very soon, surely shaggy at the back is easy to do myself right?!


Feel like a repressed teen in this one, pretty sure I was preggo though!

Homeless man in LA - "Girl you're hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!"

Homeless man in LA – “Girl you’re hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!”

Sass and Spice and Everything Nice

I've gotten to share my gift guide for a Toddler Boy over on Sass & Spice. I've met Sharon in person and she is just as lovely and stylish as you'd believe from her blog! I had heaps of fun doing this so go and check it out!

The Christmas season is definitely in full swing as is the horrible hot weather that always accompanies it here in Perth. I'm looking forward to when we get to have a white Christmas in Denmark but that won't be for awhile!

Sharing the falalalala’s

I'm over on Lila's awesome blog Little Wolff sharing my love of Danish Christmas and Christmas in general.

To anyone who has popped over from there a big warm welcome & thanks for visiting!



So here's the funny thing about the internet, you sit behind a screen all by yourself but it opens you up to a world of other people. Sure it's not the most conventional way of making friends but I think convention went out the window when the internet got 'switched on'. On a random side note did anyone ever see that IT Crowd episode with the internet and the big red button…

Don't get me wrong, I know the internet is full of nasty spiteful people who love to tear people to pieces but thankfully I haven't experienced that. I think it helps that I'm not a popular blog and I don't sugar coat stuff. I keep this shit real yo – and I'm also a total lame ass!

As most of my readers know Logan isn't the child I thought he would be. I love him so much but he's really hard work and that's only expounded when I get together with the other Mums and their kids. Sure they throw tantrums and aren't always happy but Logan is definitely the nonstop whinger of our group. This week it's gotten to me. I'm sure it's just compounded by the fact that he's going through a phase but I just wish the universe would throw me a bone and give me my happy little boy. I know he can be like that but for most of the time he's not and it's hard work. Case in point this week he threw two tantrums because we went to the park…seriously? What kid hates the park!?

So, I'm going to try anything and everything. TV is getting drastically reduced (god help us!), food is going to get better (not that he eats a lot anyway unless it's sweet!) and I'm going to look into supplements that might help him. But I'm open to any and all suggestions.

This week has been the shittest week, three days of cleaning, a crappy zoo trip, lack of sleep (from me), early wake ups and a crap time at work. But I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lila and Sammie for the kind words and for all the rest of you for supporting me throughout the years. It means the world to me and to any other Mums or Dads going through this, you aren't alone.

There's probably some rule about not blogging after having a crap day right? So if you hated this post, skip it and I promise I'll be back with something shiny and happy…maybe containing lots of sprinkles if I get around to downloading photos off my camera!

PS: if all else fails stay up last your bedtime watching a crappy rom com.


A little update

I haven't really felt like blogging. I've got lots of stuff to share about the wedding, making a wedding cake etc… But Logan is just draining my senses at the moment. Since coming back from Melbourne it seems like his naps have been all over the shop and he's now waking before 6am (which is never ever good for him) and is sort of back to having morning sleeps because of that.

Remind me again why I'm thinking about jumping back on the merry-go-round and having another one!!!

Prime example, 2 secs after this tantrum city!




Gr8 Week

This past week has been very bittersweet with one of my good mummy friends leaving and my sister in the final countdown for leaving WA for ever. But still there's been lots of good.

  1. Logan loving running at the waves down in Margaret River – he hasn't really been a big fan of the beach so this was a huge thing.
  2. Hosting bookclub – I was suffering from a horrible four day headache but I'm so glad I didn't cancel. There's something to be said about spending time with awesome company and being showered with compliments for my 'style' was just what I needed.
  3. Reading 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green – I finished it in two days and cried…a definite must read.
  4. Being a bit of a pig – I haven't been eating the most healthiest food but damn it's been yummy
  5. Going to work and enjoying it.
  6. Wearing a coral top with mustard pants.
  7. Not seeing my Hubby a lot during the week and really appreciating the time we have spent together.
  8. Contemplating what we need to take to Denmark!
  9. Logan having baths in the laundry sink down south.
  10. Grateful that we can voice our opinions and not be punished for them – even if the politicians ignore them or twist them to get more votes.



Gr8 Week

This week culminated in my little sister's Hens & me having to touch Brazilian stripper penis (definitely not what I will be putting on the list below!

  1. Piping perfect buttercream after an epic cupcake & frosting fail.
  2. Making pastry cream.
  3. Sleeping through the night on Friday (Logan has had a cold)
  4. Having a very productive day at work on Thursday.
  5. Ribs at family dinner.
  6. 'Nup' being a common word in our house – bad but oh so adorable
  7. Making honey crackles which are now known as Honey Joys…why?
  8. Making a toilet paper wedding dress
  9. Dancing the Macarena in a club
  10. Celebrating my little sister!