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Catch some zzz’s

With the end of Logan's monthly letters I realised I haven't been recording the little things about his life. So tonight's topic the ever elusive sleep.

While Logan was sick we fell into the dangerous trap of letting him co-sleep with us. I always swore I would never do this but that's the thing with this whole parenting job everything you “thought” you'd do/never do goes out the window. Neither Andreas or I could see the point in letting him suffer or spending hours awake at night when he could simply snuggle up (flail his limbs everywhere) with us and fall asleep. So that's how we fell into the trap so to speak.

Once our little monster was feeling better I decided it was time to hit the books and see if I could solve our sleep problems. No Tizzie Hall or gentle lala sleep crap, I was searching my kindle and stumbled across this wonderful book: The Sleepeasy Solution – the exhausted parent's guide to getting your child to sleep – from birth to age 5. It's written by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack who are also behind the website but don't just rely on the website you really need to read the book in conjunction. It is using a cry it out technique so if you aren't up for that I would hesitantly recommend this book. But I have found it one of the most in depth with sections on co-sleeping etc… (As an aside I haven't been paid for or even given this book for free I spent around $10 on the e-book and just really liked it!)

After reading the book we've created a strict bedtime routine which all happens in his bedroom:

  • Bath/shower
  • Nappy and pjs
  • Bottle
  • Brush teeth (the only part were we venture out)
  • Quiet play (optional)
  • Reading books
  • Sleeping bag
  • Fan on (for the white noise)
  • Cuddles and good nights
  • Put in his cot at 715 or as close to

For his naps we do a shortened version of this which is usually just bottle and pjs. His naps still aren't long but according to the book these are the harder ones to solve and take a longer time.


I've got my hopes up that eventually he will go down for long naps but we'll see…isn't that always the case! But with all aspects of parenting we need to seek out the positives and for us at the moment it's that he's sleeping through the night.


I don't know of this post will solve anyone else's problems but I just wanted to share our journey. We all feel so alone when it comes to horrible sleeps (and other hard aspects of parenting) but we really aren't! Bring back the village I say to help us raise all our children.


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Gr8 Week


This week hasn't been anything special but next week, well next week is MY birthday week yippee! But I still have things to be grateful for.

1. Even though I was so sick I managed to work all my days including an extra one.

2. Watching my father-in-law zooming Logan around the zoo.

3. Logan sleeping through (further post about this later).

4. Going out for dinner with my Mum's Group.

5. My awesome husband.

6. Satay chicken cooked by my Mum when we were all sick.

7. Logan having a great day with my sister.

8. Having a sick day without Logan thanks to my mother-in-law.

9. Watching Game of Thrones once again (although killing that baby was horrible – even though I've read all the books I'm only up to Season 2 on the telly).

10. My workmates.



Gr8 Week

  1. My Mum always helping us out when we're sick. She had Logan last night and he woke up about 4 times throughout the night and she didn't call us!
  2. My little sister pulling through as a babysitter so I can make up a day at work.
  3. Managing at least one exercise session before cold number 470 got to me.
  4. Watching Parks & Rec – I forgot how much that show makes me laugh.
  5. How good my dog looks after a clip (see photo below)
  6. Getting Logan into swimming with our first preference!!! All that stress for nothing!
  7. Doing interviews at work I've missed the recruitment side of things.
  8. Having my engaged friends over for Sunday afternoon drinks.
  9. Logan getting a bowl out of the cupboard and showing us he wants weetbix for dinner.
  10. Logan's newfound love of dressing me!

I know my posts have been really slack but I just feel like I'm constantly getting sick and anyone whose been sick with a crazy demanding toddler knows that everything else gets thrown out the window!



Gr8 Week

I'm doing well with posting this on time…or posting anything at all for that matter. We've been pretty out of sorts over here so you'll have to forgive me. I will find my groove again soon.

  1. Logan being well behaved at my boxing class.
  2. Being surrounded by family at my Uncle's funeral (it was a beautiful ceremony full of lots of tears but also lots of laughs).
  3. My cousin making her chocolate slice and the look she always gives to me & my sister because we love it so much.
  4. Driving down to Albany, it's been too long since my last trip and it was nice to have some sister time.
  5. Seeing ultrasound photos, our group is set to get massive!
  6. Catching up for play dates.
  7. Friends just being awesome.
  8. Being able to wear boots even if it was only for 1 day.
  9. Pumpkin soup, bring on the cold weather Perth!
  10. Our little boy growing up more and more. The days are just rushing by.





Otherwise known as finally getting my arse into gear.

This morning was one of my few and far between proactive mornings.

  • Wake up with Logan at 6am
  • Head off to boxing at 750, box for an hour (with Logan!)
  • Detour to the new swim school to cross our fingers and toes that we can enrol Logan into a weekend slot (the current pool we use is closing for too long) – realise I've lost my irresistible powers of persuasion with a wriggling toddler on my hip!
  • Call Mum to see what she wants and drive to her place to get her funeral outfit sans boots because her bag of boots has gone AWOL. Waiting for her to get home and yell at me because it was right in front of my face but I did look everywhere! Cheat and give Logan a snack from their snack cupboard and grab a coffee for myself.
  • Drive home praying the toddler doesn't succumb to the sandman.
  • Success! Unpack car and play with Logan, make the mistake of going out the back – tantrum ensues and I'm forced to bring him out with me. Try to pack up his coloured plastic balls which are all over the paving – another tantrum is thrown.
  • Head back inside and it's time for a nappy change and then bed.
  • Decide to make cheesy muffins for the drive down south tomorrow. Don't even get them out of the oven Logan is up with less than an hours sleep. Grrr this transitioning thing is doing my head in and making for a grumpy little man!

And there ends the morning, it's bang on 12 and he's ready to get up and have lunch. Hopefully the rest of today will be as go-go-go as this morning and yesterday. Finally I'm feeling a bit more in control of my own life and handling him…just in time to abandon him to Andreas for 3 days!


Gr8 Week




This post is a day late because I got sick AGAIN, two cases of tonsillitis back to back and then some weird fever virus which started Saturday night and knocked me for six…but still there are things to be grateful for!

1. My Uncle died peacefully after battling cancer with his wife of 49 years by his side. All my cousins managed to make it back to see him before he passed which is another wonderful thing. (I am definitely not grateful that he died but the way in which in happened I am grateful for).

2. Now I can look back at my wedding and instead of focusing on an unwanted bridesmaid and ex-friends the focus is on remembering my Uncle standing there reading a beautiful poem he had written for us. We even honoured my Aunt and Uncle during our vows because they’d been married the longest and it epitomised what I wanted for myself.

3. Having such a wonderful and supportive Husband, I might get angry and frustrated with him an awful lot but he always takes care of me and Logan.

4. Logan being super happy all weekend, including at his swimming lesson which means we’ll be re-enrolling him if possible.

5. Going out for dinner at Clarke’s on North Beach with Andreas’ family to belatedly celebrate his birthday.

6. Seeing my friend’s little boy at daycare toddle over to me when I didn’t realise they were back from their holiday. He’s just figured out the walking thing and it is so damn cute to watch him.

7. Having a comfortable bed to sleep in.

8. Great neighbours.

9. More babies on the way in our Mum’s group – I am starting to get clucky!

10. Dinner with my highschool friends and making plans for our other friend’s overseas wedding.

What were you grateful for last week?


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