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Welcome to the Family

So this blog went a bit quiet for a pretty obvious reason…Baby Sister made her debut.

Freja Clementine (pronounced Fray – a, even though that’s not how you pronounce it in Danish whoops!) was born Wednesday 27th at 5pm weighing in at 3.975kg roughly 8.13lbs and measuring 50cm. I had a reasonably easy labour and was able to remain at the birth centre but unfortunately when we went to get discharged Little Miss Freja decided to follow in her big brother’s footsteps and had to be admitted to the special care nursery with respitory distress and a possible infection. We visited every nursery at the hospital during her stay there and were very lucky to be discharged Sunday morning.

I’ll be a little bit more in depth in the future but everything is great now. Logan is loving being a big brother although he will often tell us either he’s not Logan he’s Big Brother or he’s not a Big Brother he’s Logan. Freja is a very chilled baby and completely different to her nightmare of a newborn brother. She’s so good we even went out for lunch and ice-cream yesterday before she was even a week old!

Now for some photos of our little bruiser aka Mini Logan:

IMG_2016 IMG_2023 IMG_2039

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And so it begins again… a more revealing post to follow xoxo


DiY Wedding Cake

So that break I took, it wasn’t relaxing. In fact, it involved me making a wedding cake, my first ever, for my little sister – so, there was absolutely no pressure!


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Birthday Week

I love our new tradition and it definitely helped me to have the first birthday in years that was AWESOME.

The week started off with a promise of a sweet treat and Andreas' didn't fail to deliver (sorry if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen all of these!)



Birthday week Day 2 was supposed to be out to the movies and Andreas looking after Logan but the movies fell through (I was exhausted). Instead it turned into our frame wall finally coming to fruition!

Day 3 was a Jess relax night. I got to chill out on the couch whilst Andreas made dinner. I gave him a hand by defrosting frozen chicken parcels from Lennards. But he made an amazing kale side dish!

Day 4 and a bit of a fail. It was supposed to be us going out to the movies but meant that I had to drive north of the river after a full day of work with cranky Logan. So I asked if we could cancel and just spend some time the two of us with a take away meal. It wound up being exactly what we all needed.


Day 5 was the AW Ironing Service and Andreas was surprised I didn't give him my entire wardrobe. It probably helped that most of my clothes were in the laundry!


Day 6 there was no plan or morning message which I was a bit down about. I have an amazing husband but he is definitely not as organised as I am. But I got taken out to lunch for burgers which was lovely. No photos were taken though because it was very spur of the moment which is always the most fun!

Day 7 was another fail but did involve birthday cake because we went to a first birthday party. It was also my Mum and Step-Dad's anniversary so we celebrated with a nice glass of bubbly. It was originally supposed to be a clean the floors present but nobody likes to do that so I gave Andreas the day off.

My birthday was AMAZING. I got a mini-sleep in given it was a Monday and was woken up to Andreas singing Happy Birthday in Danish to me whilst Logan crawled all over the bed. Then I got to walk into the dining room to candles, presents, more singing and a cup of tea. But the best was the beautiful card Andreas wrote and Logan scribbled all over. I scored two pom-pom makers and a set of tea plus something else is on it's way. I could go on an on about my birthday but I'll finish by saying we had the yummiest breakfast, sent a half-dead bird to the vet, had a good nap (Logan not me), went shopping, almost died at the gym and went out for a super yummy dinner at Ria in Leederville. I also got spoilt with sweet presents too. All in all a fantastic day and I definitely recommend starting a birthday week tradition – as we proved it doesn't have to be expensive it's all about spreading the love and making you feel special!



Ending on a high

My little sister is engaged!!! We caught a red eye flight last night over east to surprise and celebrate with them. Her poor fiancé thought he was doing a huge surprise but everyone predicted this would be it (he whisked her away on a surprise birthday holiday to his home town in Victoria).

We couldn't be happier and his family is fantastic as well (his Mum actually married my Mum and step-dad). So now I've got two weddings at the end of next year (one of my closest friends is getting hitched too – on Logan's birthday hehe).

I'm hoping I get to be a bridesmaid for my little sister but who knows, at least she is putting up with my crazy planning!



So my awesome day was gearing me up for this…my wonderful Nana, Logan's Great Nana and my last surviving grandparent passed away. I feel a bit numb to it all as she had a stroke(s) many months ago and was not the same woman she used to be. I know it is for the best, she's no longer trapped in a body that was not letting her be who she wanted to be. That was the hardest thing to witness when we last visited her (I'm so glad we made the trek to show her Logan even if it was incredibly hard to see her like that), you could tell she was the same person but she just couldn't communicate anymore. Nana always said she didn't want to be stuck in a body that didn't work and wanted the right to choose to die (this isn't what happened but was something she strongly believed in and I do too). I am glad she's in a better place now, wherever that may be my only sadness is that my poor Dad is overseas on his trip of a lifetime and I hope he doesn't come back, it's not what Nana would have wanted and it doesn't make him a bad son for not returning for her funeral. I feel I'd be doing a disservice not going out and travelling the world and having adventures because she always wanted the best for us.

So today I will remember all the good times we had instead of focusing on what could have been. Nana you were an amazing lady and I'm so glad I got to share over 26 years with you. Rest in Peace with Granddad xoxo


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