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Week 39: Bonding with Bubs

Size: watermelon

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups; punching me in the bladder; big stretches; getting her long legs under my ribs

Symptoms: needing to pee lots, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep – no real changes there although it seems to be more waking early morning now

Cravings: chocolate icecream, salt and vinegar chips, coffee, cheese on toast (yum!) – still the same although I have gone off coffee a little bit. Also enjoying pancakes and apple juice.

Keep that away from me: nothing really

Weight: 84kg give or take

Feelings: a bit headachey; exhausted; ready to meet our little girl

Random: The nursery is pretty much done other than no art work being up (except Logan’s drawings which we’ve put on her wardrobe doors).

My due date is this Friday so tomorrow I’m officially 40 weeks and ready for this little lady to make her debut. I’m hoping for August 23rd!


Week 38: Bonding with Bubs


What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, lots of making my belly dance, she’s engaged a bit and not posterior anymore yay! But she likes to wriggle around a lot.

Symptoms: needing to pee lots, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep

Cravings: chocolate icecream, salt and vinegar chips, coffee, cheese on toast (yum!)

Keep that away from me: nothing really

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: grumpy, tired, uncomfortable, slightly too relaxed, sick with a cold (& annoyed as anything!)

Random: I’ve become addicted to Offspring – so much for saving it for late night feeding sessions – very late to the show but oh well.

The nursery has been somewhat set up, furniture has been moved, clothes washed so we’re getting there. The bassinet has also been set up but I’m not too happy with it and I’m contemplating buying a different one but the decent ones are expensive and I’m already contemplating buying a double pram. Here I was thinking I’d be saving money with baby two!

PS: I could really go some salt and vinegar chips right now haha



Week 37: Bonding with Bubs

Size: winter melon over 2kg

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, lots of kicking and swishing around

Symptoms: needing to pee lots, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep

Cravings: chocolately stuff but not chocolate in particular, tea

Keep that away from me: mince, tomatoes

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: grumpy, tired, uncomfortable, slightly too relaxed

Random: I’m now full-term and able to go to the birth centre yay! (I’m actually 38 weeks). I caught this damn cold everyone has been fighting and decided to banish it with raw garlic – it seems to be working but my gosh do I stink!

I’m also now on parental leave and it’s difficult turning the mama guilt off 😦 especially with Logan being so upset about having to go to daycare. But I’m just trying to relax as much as possible.


Week 36: Bonding with Bubs

Size: honeydew melon and about 2.2kg according to ultrasound.

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, lots of kicking and swishing around, squishing her head down in my pelvis like a good little thing but being posterior like the little fire cracker I’m sure she’s going to be (I was in the same position when I was born apparently – pay back is going to be a bitch!)

Symptoms: sleeplessness, tight skin – yay for about 3 stretchmarks I can spot NOT, exhaustion

Cravings: chocolate ice-cream, salt and vinegar chips, coffee

Keep that away from me: meat (I will eat it no problems just don’t like handling it)

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: bitchy, anxious (I’m still feeling like I have to wait until she’s here before I can breathe), grumpy, tired/exhausted, mentally completely unprepared!

Random: I had my last scan and she’s measuring fine and then at my appointment they said she was posterior but head down and not breech so that’s something! We also had our ‘refresher’ parenting class which made me sort of wish I’d gone to the other classes for first timers now because I can’t remember anything! I just know it’s going to hurt but all be worth it in the end. It was funny as well because 4 out of 6 people hadn’t been to the birth centre with their firsts and the other couple who had was the only one in the room who had delivered there versus us who had to head to the main hospital.


Week 35: Bonding with Bubs

Size: coconut

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, growing lots and stretching/kicking non-stop

Symptoms: still lacking sleep, occasionally feeling a bit nauseous, feeling very stretched out as though my belly is refusing to expand for little Miss

Cravings: nothing really other than sweet stuff

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: 84kg give or take

Feelings: grumpy, exhausted, sore, uncomfortable and completely in love with our little wrestler (this about sums it up!). Oh and feeling very sorry for my poor husband having to put up with me!

Random: I got very scared when I looked at one of my pregnancy apps and there was less than 30 days to go! I mean I know it’s coming but I feel like I need more time, we are definitely not ready nursery wise but if she was to come we’d be able to pull together pretty quickly and besides babies don’t need that much. Still, I must get up into our cupboards and pull out all that breastfeeding and newborn stuff that’s still packed away…lurking in the depths!


Week 34: Bonding with Bubs

Size: butternut squash

What’s Bubs Up To: she decided to play nice (or the exercises I was sporadically doing worked) and is now head down, she’s still moving and shaking non stop

Symptoms: hardly sleeping at night, feeling really stretched out and tight especially when she plays smackdown in there, grumpy…does that even count as a symptom ha-ha

Cravings: coffee, bananas, pikelets/pancakes, cheese

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: grumpy, exhausted, sore, uncomfortable and completely in love with our little wrestler

Random: I have zero motivation to do anything in regards to the nursery. I have prints I need to measure and order frames for/go to Ikea, we have furniture to move around, curtains to hang, newborn clothes to wash and I just can’t get into the head space to do any of it. I’m hoping that will change when I finish work on the 25th but I doubt it! I need that damn nesting bug to kick in.


I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster because my Great Aunt passed away very unexpectedly. I am a terrible person when it comes to dealing with grief…I kind of act like nothing has happened and barely cry sort of like a robot so I always feel guilty about that. I just can’t help how I respond the best way I can think of explaining it is like when you go to the movies and want to burst into tears during a really sad part but just refuse to cry. My poor Mum has taken it really badly because my Great Aunt was like the matriach on Mum’s side and she was pretty much my Grandma seeing as I Mum’s mum died before I was born. Everyone called her Aunty and she would always speak her mind, it was uncanny how much I resembled her whenever photos were put up of her when she was younger, people would always do a double take. It’s nice though to know what I will look like when I’m older, I just wish that I’d collected stories from her because I know she had so many and now I really don’t have much of a link to that side of my heritage. The last thing we spoke about was how she wasn’t impressed that I found out I was having a girl and I spoke back and told her it was my decision. I’m glad that’s my last sort of memory, most people wouldn’t be but it’s like Aunty and I came full circle. From her shoving vicks vapour rub up my nose when I was little and had a cold to finally being somewhat her equal. She was an amazing woman and whilst I hate funerals (because the robot tends to disappear and I turn into a blubbering mess) I am looking forward to getting to celebrate her life.

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Week 33: Bonding with Bubs

Size: durian fruit (charming…)

What’s Bubs Up To: I still don’t think she’s in prime position but she moves so much it’s really hard to tell, I hope she decides to play nice at my appointment on Monday (for a 34 week check as I’m currently 34 weeks) and go back to being head down. I really want to have one of my bubs at the Birth Centre.

Symptoms: not sleeping early in the morning, being super uncomfortable and getting a sore back

Cravings: sweet and savoury especially salty stuff and coffee

Keep that away from me: nothing new to report again

Weight: 81kg give or take

Feelings: still stressed about her position (if you didn’t get that from the above).

Random: The nursery still hasn’t come along any further!



Week 32: Bonding with Bubs

Size: squash

What’s Bubs Up To: she went breech argh…

Symptoms: not sleeping, my linea nigrea has finally shown up (I oddly love my belly line)

Cravings: food, toasted croissant with ham and cheese YUMMO!

Keep that away from me: nothing new to report this week

Weight: 81kg

Feelings: stressed out over Baby Girl being in breech – same thing happened with Logan and he turned so I really hope she will too. Plus she moves around so much. Still I now have to go in at 34 weeks and we’ll see from there it could mean I get booted out of the Birth Centre which would be a pain in the butt. I’m not that worried if it leads to a c-section but obviously would love to go natural rather than have major surgery but my mindset is always whatever is best and safest for her so we’ll just wait and see. Send all turn around vibes my way!

Random:We think we’re going to go with Gwen for the middle name as this has significance in my family (I’m pretty sure it’s my Mum’s Mum’s name but it may be the name of her step-mother either way it’s still keeping in the family). Hubby isn’t really fussed on putting any family name from his side (the Danes tend to use surnames in there) so I may also put my paternal Nana’s name in there too especially as I grew up with her and she will never meet this great-granddaughter.

But people are still doing my head in asking about names – I am not going to announce it until I’ve met my daughter! Besides we still have no idea.


Week 31: Bonding with Bubs

Size: pineapple

What’s Bubs Up To: really nothing new to report, it’s still a non-stop party in there.

Symptoms: tired, I definitely need my naps; general all round uncomfortableness; not sleeping well at night and waking up early morning; crazy dreams were I’m usually in trouble

Cravings: sweet things and the occasional apple

Keep that away from me: nothing new to report this week

Weight: 80kg give or take

Feelings: getting over people asking if we have any names picked out – it’s getting hard to dodge the “have you got any favourites” – I don’t want to come across as a bitch because I know they’re not asking to be mean so I tend to just lie and say no which isn’t completely untrue…

Random: still no movement on the nursery – she’s the poor second child already, I swear I’d washed Logan’s clothes and we had the nursery pretty much done by now…whoops!


Week 30: Bonding with Bubs

Size: coconut

What’s Bubs Up To: it’s still party time in my belly but now she’s getting me in the ribs OUCH

Symptoms: lack of sleep and I’m definitely feeling her kick me or squish my bladder a lot more. I’ve been getting a sore lower back really easily as well which isn’t fun.

Cravings: coffee, salt and vinegar chips and chocolate the latter two after dinner and yes Hubby has had to do some late night shops.

Keep that away from me: turkey mince – I put it in the pan for dinner and thought it was rancid but figured I should let Hubby do the non-preggo test…turns out I just can’t stand the stuff this pregnancy but any other mince is ok.

Weight: 80kg give or take

Feelings: missing being able to bend over and putting on shoes isn’t much fun! I’ve definitely become “pregnant” now.

Random: hopefully we’re setting up the nursery (somewhat) this weekend. I’m also counting down until my fit ball arrives I can’t wait to sit on it!