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Not even two and a half and he's already figured out selfies and changing the colours on my phone!


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This & That

A little bit of an update on life, I feel like I’m very behind the 8 ball with this blog. I may never find my real groove with it but ultimately it’s a record for me and a way of keeping in touch with friends too.

So what has been happening with me away from the keyboard:

  • We celebrated Hubby’s 30th Birthday Week culminating in a weekend away without Logan! It was wonderful, we missed him but it was so nice not having to contend with sleeps and waking up early. Birthday week itself was a bit of a downfall as I have zero energy when Hubby gets back from work that it wasn’t the relaxing week I envisioned for him (he didn’t mind at all of course).
  • I’ve finally been dragging myself down to the park with Logan and the dog. I still need to sit down once we’ve gotten there but Logan is happy to make me pizzas and hot dogs out of sand and sticks. The dog on the other hand wishes we went on longer walks.
  • Crappy reality tv has taken over my life – damn you My Kitchen Rules and the Block
  • A mouse came to live in our house and took over Logan’s digger…I was petrified and had to call my Mum to come and get it out (she hates them as well!).
  • Work is plodding along, the new offices are getting built (yay) so I might have a desk before I go on leave WOO HOO
  • Logan is talking a crazy amount and laughing at himself a lot. Although I’ve uncovered he has a serious hatred of band-aids argh!
  • Last week we had no crying at day-care drop off – I’ve now jinxed myself.
  • My little boy is in the pre-kindy room!!! How did that happen so fast?!
  • I want a new wardrobe and new bras – both bad ideas when you’re in second trimester.

We are counting down to Monday morning and hopefully finding out the sex of Peanut/Grumpy. If we don’t this scan I have about 5 more scheduled after so we should at some point! But first we have a 30th birthday party to throw on Saturday so send sunny wishes our way as I really don’t want to host it at our house if it rains!

Week 17: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Onion (I don’t know if I believe these things!)
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving a little bit more, I’ve definitely been feeling some consistent thumps.
Symptoms: random pain when walking (again same as with Logan), feeling blergh if I exert myself even a little bit, tired but not as bad as before
Cravings: potatoes, salt & vinegar chips, anything sweet or salty, cheese
Keep that away from me: capsicum
Weight: 76kg
Feelings: Good, had my booking appointment with the birth center except they now want me to have lots more scans because apparently I measured 1 point off normal for something in my scan and that could mean a small/pre-term baby…I seriously doubt this going by Logan but maybe it will equal out to an average size baby. At least the scans might forewarn if I’m going to have another whopper! But it’s really not adding to me enjoying this pregnancy.

Random: This time next week we’ll know if we’re having a boy or a girl! Exciting. Bear in mind I’m a week behind with these so I’m actually 18 weeks turning 19 weeks on Thursday.



Do not interrupt a man and his muffin!


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I can’t remember when the idea of writing a novel first popped into my brain. I know I was writing stories when I was in high school so probably then. I doubt I was that forward thinking in primary school.

Reading has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember which is why I was always a little worried when Logan seemed to turn his nose up at books. Since moving into his big bed he’s lapping them up though which is both a good and bad thing – the funny thing about being a parent!

I started to re-read Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ book in the hopes that the desire to write would hit me. Unfortunately it hasn’t, I’m loving the book but I’m just not feeling any motivation. The same can be said for this blog which was sort of my writing outlet. Don’t get me wrong I’m going to keep going with it but forgive me for the lack of regular posts and who knows what will happen when the next baby comes along!

My dream will always to one day have a novel published and I think in this era of e-books it may be a lot easier than what it use to be. Although in saying that I’m not going to be publishing anything that wouldn’t be worth it! I don’t know when this will all come about though, maybe when I’m a lot older or maybe it’s just around the corner. That’s the fun thing about life, you just never know.




My son has the ultimate sweet tooth which is not helped by overly smitten parents and grandparents willing to stuff him full of whatever sugarey goodness his heart desires.

Case in point he is clutching a handful of smarties after engulfing a Smartie push pop ice-cream. But don’t judge we were outside and he was running around non-stop…and he’s a kid and it’s a nice summer day ’nuff said 🙂

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Week 16: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Avocado
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving a little bit, Hubby thought he felt Peanut the other night but I didn’t feel anything.
Symptoms: headaches but I think they’re connected to the weather as well, pain in my bum (haha) sometimes when I get up to walk – I remember this with Logan, exhaustion, feeling generally blah after pushing myself
Cravings: potatoes, salt & vinegar chips, anything sweet, cheese
Keep that away from me: Nothing
Weight: no idea
Feelings: A bit more excited about everything and amazed that I will hopefully have 2 kids by the end of August – it’s crazy to wrap my head around.

Random: I want to tell Logan but I still think it’s too early and I want to do what’s right by him. Plus we’ve already gotten rid of his bottles and cot – baby steps!

I promise I’ll post some bump photos eventually, it is there but I’m also just feeling like I’m at that fat stage too!


Living Simply – February Round Up

Phew, we made it to the finish line and March is well under way now. You really notice the calendar when you’re pregnant!

February was a really tough month for us, crazy bills to do with bubs (thanks private hospital emergency fee!), planning for the Husband’s 30th birthday and the usual as well – petrol, groceries. We didn’t feel like we were struggling the whole time but definitely towards the end there was some eeek moments and we still dipped in to my pay to cover day care.

It was definitely an eye opening experience considering we used to be on one income not so long ago but it’s funny how expensive a toddler can be! Music lessons, swimming and day care – we’re definitely going to have to put away some extra savings for when I go on leave with Peanut (I’m trialling the nickname – I figure if I keep using it it will become ingrained right?).

The biggest thing I noticed by not spending on anything other than the necessities (& a few meals out) is how much I craved shopping. It scared me a bit and I was second guessing anything I was spending money on. I found internet window shopping to be my saviour but it felt a bit sad! Not that I couldn’t buy anything but that my brain was reacting that way and couldn’t just switch off from being a consumer!

I would love to say that come March I’m still sticking to a budget and haven’t bought anything but that would be a HUGE lie. I’ve just bought Logan a whole bunch of tops – so we can fit his big head through! – and it’s going to be birthday week very soon so that’s going to chew through the money very quickly. Plus a very expensive electricity bill came in the first couple of days – not fair! I’m looking forward to a cool change coming soon so that we can get rid of all the air conditioning.

Saving for a home deposit is still the ultimate goal and once March is out of the picture I’ll be leaning more towards being frugal and waiting for some decent sales to get the second baby stuff we need (which isn’t a lot thankfully). I am still feeling the desire to live simply and not buy anything that isn’t a necessity and I’m loving this new aspect of life. I’m also finding it a blessing knowing we aren’t in our forever home because I’m not buying all those knick knacks etc… I otherwise would be but it’s also making me a little sad when I think about the nursery. Still, Logan was barely in his first nursery and this baby will be there for at least a year if not longer.

Our main goal with all of this is home ownership but not at the expense of us enjoying our lives!


Week 15: Bonding with Bubs


Size: roughly the size of an apple and approximately 70g
What’s Bubs Up To: Definitely feeling some things but nothing huge or constant. I feel like he/she is constantly sitting low on my left side.
Symptoms: headaches, still dodgy sleep, feeling heavy on my left side and exhausted.
Cravings: potatoes
Keep that away from me: Nothing
Weight: no idea
Feelings: Tired and annoyed that even though I’ve been given the go ahead to do very very light exercise (eg: walking) I can’t because I don’t feel up to it.

Random: Counting down to March 31st when we’ll hopefully find out if bubs is a boy or a girl!


9/52 & 10/52

Imaginative play is literally skyrocketing around here! (9/52 belated because we got out Internet slowed whoops!)

Enjoying his first doughnut after the second hair cut! (10/52)