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Taken with tears in my eyes because he was making us laugh so hard even though it was time for him to be in bed! This reminds me of why being a parent can be so rewarding!

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Does your hair define you?


I’ve had all kinds of hair – Sporty Spice circa mid-90s; the Pob; long hair; layers; fringe (aka bangs); bright orange; bright pink; bright red…

So I guess you can assume A) I love the Spice Girls and (B) I like to make a statement.

Most recently (ok about 4/5 months ago) I cut most of my hair off into a concave bob/pixie cut it felt so refreshing. No more spending 30+ minutes blow drying my hair (& that wasn’t even to make it look good) and no more oily yuck!

Since then I’ve only had one somewhat negative comment from my cousin saying it was a mum cut and even then I don’t think she meant it negatively. But she is from the group of never cutting my long hair beyond a trim. Mostly everyone is really impressed with it and somewhat jealous which I find funny.

It always strikes me as odd what people consider lucky. For me apparently, it is that I don’t have to use a straightener. It looks more styled if I do but honestly it doesn’t really make much difference. I’m surprised to find that’s a thing to covet! For me I covet a fringe that doesn’t have a giant cow lick front and centre haha

By far my worst haircut was in kindergarten when Mum gave be a bowl hair cut! It makes me wonder what is in store for Logan!? I feel that an at home job is on the cards very soon, surely shaggy at the back is easy to do myself right?!


Feel like a repressed teen in this one, pretty sure I was preggo though!

Homeless man in LA - "Girl you're hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!"

Homeless man in LA – “Girl you’re hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!”

3/52 (& 100th Post!)


When did my baby turn into a little boy playing teddy bears picnic?


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Also it's kind of hard to believe this is my 100th post, I guess if I was a better blogger I'd be up in the high hundreds. Sadly I'm not that kind of blogger, maybe in the future but for now I like being sporadic and connecting with all the awesome people the blogosphere has to offer.



Sri Lanka Snippets

I can’t even think of how to begin to describe this holiday! It was the first holiday I took sans Logan (which wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be) with a bunch of high-school friends who are all at different life stages to me. Then there was the added stress of health issues. Unfortunately it wasn’t the trip I imagined which was a whole lot of relaxing doing nothing and sleeping in!

Still aspects of it were amazing! The temples were beautiful:

Me in Colombo temple

Colombo Temple

We got to dress up in saris:


We had some amazing views:


We got to lounge by the pool:


But best of all we got to experience a Sri Lanka wedding and homecoming complete with beautiful outfits and amazing dancers/drummers:

dancers at homecoming



Unfortunately the photos aren’t that great but that’s what happens when I have to rely on facebook. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting my camera!

I’m disappointed that I didn’t organise the trip a bit better as I think I would have had a more enjoyable time in Sri Lanka. Instead being stuck in the two biggest cities and not feeling very well hasn’t left me with fond memories of the country. However, my girlfriends who travelled on a bit longer after we left had a blast at the beach and visiting various sites with our friend and her new in-laws and they can’t wait to return. I’m definitely glad I went though, it was so much fun experiencing a wedding in another culture and I can’t wait to wear a sari again!

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Logan’s after dinner ‘snack’, very impressed that Mummy is taking photos.

I had to include the photo below, his first attempt at juggling, it’s blurry as anything but makes me smile so hard:


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1/52 (Belated)

The grin always gets me

The grin always gets me


I once did a photo a day for a year of Logan and I think I’ll do that again this year. However, I had a whole separate blog dedicated to that (it was more a share with family and friends thing as well) so I’ve also decided to incorporate the 52 Project (created by & hosted by Practising Simplicity) into it all.

I stumbled upon this through various blogs and I’m glad to jump on the bandwagon this year – even if it is a bit late.

The photo was taken by my Hubby because I was out of the country (more on that trip later, I forgot my camera so I need to get photos before writing a post).



Ringing in the New Year

Sorry folks. I'm once again AWOL living in the lap of luxury and enjoying Sri Lanka. Will post on my return with lots of photos.


Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful new year! My resolution is to take a photo a day of Logan and my focus this year is 'family'. Love to you all.