As we draw to a close…


So I’m officially overdue and further along than I was when I had Logan. No 23rd baby which I was not so secretly hoping for and now we’re playing the waiting game. I’m starting to feel some niggles so hopefully things will get rolling without me being super overdue. For now I’m just enjoying our last moments as a family of three and getting lots of things done:

  • I’ve downloaded music – hurrah for relaxation tracks but who knows if I’ll actually want them.
  • The nursery is done enough for now, I still need to iron the curtains (snore) and get the Hubby to fix up the curtain rod but it’s cute and habitable. I still want to secure the Ikea spice racks to her chest of draws for books and fix up the lighting situation. I’m also still waiting to receive some custom frames I ordered online and then I’ll need to put some art up. I’ve also ordered some washi tape to put some more art up – that’s still trendy right haha!
  • Snacks have been bought (including Adriano Zumbo salted caramel tim-tams although they’re more for the support crew).
  • Bags are packed (minus in use toiletries)
  • Names are getting sorted out – we have a short list!!!
  • Logan and I are having lots of one on one time, it might not always be adventures but I’m loving spending time with my little man. Who today swore he was not a boy, he was Logan and I was Jessica Mummy not a girl – heart officially melting.
  • We’re going on family dates, yesterday was the zoo and today was dinner out.
  • The car has been washed, floors vacuumed (that is a pregnant lady back killer), the dog is nice and clean.

Hopefully this is my last post before I get to share a beautiful photo of our darling daughter but who knows what the future holds, for now it’s living in the moment for this little family of three.

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4 thoughts on “As we draw to a close…

  1. EmGem says:

    Waiting with bated breath Jess!!
    Very Best of luck xx

  2. Lila says:

    So excited for you can’t wait to see her and hear her name!

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