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Gr8 Week




  1. Gardening – finally bought veggie pots and planted our lonely kale
  2. Meeting two lovely ladies to start organising one of my uni girlfriend’s hen’s night.
  3. Coffee, coffee, coffee
  4. Logan being a cheeky little bugger
  5. Watching Logan at swim class
  6. Having the yummiest meal (in a long time!) at Balthazar in the city (the service was slow but French so no complaints haha)
  7. French accents
  8. Dinner with the Mums – lots of laughs to be had
  9. Exercise
  10. Playing ghost with Logan – putting a towel over him and he runs around the front yard like a drunk person.

A bit delayed but I’ve had so much on my mind at the moment!


99 problems


I can't get that damn song out of my head! And I have to bob to it each time as well – yes I am that lame white girl singing to herself in the car. I always stop at traffic lights but lately I've been thinking fuck it! I'm going to keep singing and looking like a dork because it makes me happy and who knows maybe it will make others happy to laughing at the idiot in the car next door.

Does anyone else feel the change in the air? It always tends to come with the weather but here in Perth it's been strange – giant storms (which turn into nothing) and sunny days that are freezing cold. Thankfully we have mild weather conditions compared to other parts of the world (my heart hurts just thinking about the tornado victims in Oklahoma). I will always love Perth and a big part of that is due to the weather. Having a child has made me appreciate it even more.

The days were you are stuck inside are few and far between and even if you do have a week of rain there's always bound to be one sunny day to get you through it. Hubby hated that about Denmark and will often talk about people getting depressed during the winter. I couldn't imagine living without the beach close by and lots of outdoor restaurants but sometimes I do ache for the freezing cold of winter and a little snow would be nice.

I'm bouncing around from Jay-Z to the weather (go figure) but I felt the need to post something. I'm getting ready to nest, to spruce up our house even though it isn't spring and no, I'm not pregnant – although I am itching to be! I'm going to try and start up a potted veggie garden in our backyard after fixing up our little herb patch near the front door. As for the rest of the house, there's a long list of things I want to do:

  • Clean the blinds
  • Clean out all the kitchen cupboards
  • Wash down all the kitchen cupboards
  • Sort through all our bathroom cupboards
  • Donate a whole tonne of clothes
  • Have a garage sale (or sell a tonne of stuff at the swap meet)
  • Plant some bushes or flowers in the empty dirt bed in our front yard
  • Set up my sewing desk
  • Sort out our filing

Hopefully by putting this out to the world I'll get my butt into gear but life always has a way of getting in the way and I don't mind in the slightest!


Gr8 Week

  1. Hearing my cat purring on the couch as I read.
  2. Logan having a two hour nap at day care and transitioning to the toddler's room.
  3. Running a surprisingly productive all day meeting at work.
  4. Great books – The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Beach
  5. Linked to number 5, my awesome book club
  6. Coffee dates with friends
  7. Gardening
  8. Catching up with old friends
  9. Engagement parties
  10. Being told I look great by someone I haven't seen in years

I love doing this because it really does push aside the crappy moments I may have had during a week and appreciate all the great things that little bit more!


What made you grateful this week?



Living in the Now

Natalie's post (from Nat the Fat Rat) sung to me as I snuck in some blog reading while Logan took a much needed afternoon nap! Today, this week, this month, NOW is the life I'm living that I'm going to look back on and cherish when I'm old. I know it's old news to live in the now but I've never thought of how important this part of my life is until I read that post.

So because this is my second post in one day I thought I'd share some photos of this cherished time along with a promise to myself that I'm really going to start living this life I've been given.






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Take a chance

I’ve never been one to enter competitions that are strewn throughout all the blogs I read. But I’m glad I decided to just give it a whirl when I saw the Figs & Ginger competition over at Design Mom (I LOVE that blog). I’m so glad I did because I was gobsmacked when I was flicking through my emails and found out I’d won!

I’d already done a bit of window shopping when I entered the competition but I just recently put in my order and wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I’m now eagerly awaiting.





The last necklace was the one I referred to as part of the competition and will always remind me of my wedding vows. We talked about how our love would never end because it’s a circle – cheesey I know but special to us. The cake topper is for my little sister’s wedding and will be customised and of course the intial necklace is ‘L’ for my little Bear.

So it’s definitely worth entering those competitions!

Gr8 Week

Birthday week was awesome and I think all that goodness just keeps on flowing.

  1. Winning a giveaway at Design Mom for Figs & Ginger (post to come soon but it wouldn't load for some reason).
  2. My little sister making my house sparkle.
  3. Dinner out with my uni girlfriends and their partners – the food was ok but the company was amazing!
  4. Watching Iron Man 3 with my high school friends and realising I'd known one of them for 15 years…
  5. My Mum always being willing to watch Logan.
  6. Onion rings and pomegranate frappe at Jus Burgers in Subiaco.
  7. Watching the boys in our Mums Group starting to play together.
  8. Birthday texts and love all day.
  9. Beautiful heartfelt birthday cards.
  10. Yummy breakfast at Jacs in Applecross last weekend.


Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there, it really brings on a new perspective when you're a mother yourself. For that reason I also hold in my heart the mothers who are no longer with us and the beautiful women who have lost children may your day be surrounded with love xoxo



Birthday Week

I love our new tradition and it definitely helped me to have the first birthday in years that was AWESOME.

The week started off with a promise of a sweet treat and Andreas' didn't fail to deliver (sorry if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen all of these!)



Birthday week Day 2 was supposed to be out to the movies and Andreas looking after Logan but the movies fell through (I was exhausted). Instead it turned into our frame wall finally coming to fruition!

Day 3 was a Jess relax night. I got to chill out on the couch whilst Andreas made dinner. I gave him a hand by defrosting frozen chicken parcels from Lennards. But he made an amazing kale side dish!

Day 4 and a bit of a fail. It was supposed to be us going out to the movies but meant that I had to drive north of the river after a full day of work with cranky Logan. So I asked if we could cancel and just spend some time the two of us with a take away meal. It wound up being exactly what we all needed.


Day 5 was the AW Ironing Service and Andreas was surprised I didn't give him my entire wardrobe. It probably helped that most of my clothes were in the laundry!


Day 6 there was no plan or morning message which I was a bit down about. I have an amazing husband but he is definitely not as organised as I am. But I got taken out to lunch for burgers which was lovely. No photos were taken though because it was very spur of the moment which is always the most fun!

Day 7 was another fail but did involve birthday cake because we went to a first birthday party. It was also my Mum and Step-Dad's anniversary so we celebrated with a nice glass of bubbly. It was originally supposed to be a clean the floors present but nobody likes to do that so I gave Andreas the day off.

My birthday was AMAZING. I got a mini-sleep in given it was a Monday and was woken up to Andreas singing Happy Birthday in Danish to me whilst Logan crawled all over the bed. Then I got to walk into the dining room to candles, presents, more singing and a cup of tea. But the best was the beautiful card Andreas wrote and Logan scribbled all over. I scored two pom-pom makers and a set of tea plus something else is on it's way. I could go on an on about my birthday but I'll finish by saying we had the yummiest breakfast, sent a half-dead bird to the vet, had a good nap (Logan not me), went shopping, almost died at the gym and went out for a super yummy dinner at Ria in Leederville. I also got spoilt with sweet presents too. All in all a fantastic day and I definitely recommend starting a birthday week tradition – as we proved it doesn't have to be expensive it's all about spreading the love and making you feel special!



Gr8 Week


1. Well it's been my very own Birthday Week so that takes top spot and I will be sharing more later. I have been sharing photos on Instagram so if you want to follow me @aussiemor.

2. Getting back into TV marathons hehe I've just started to watch Game of Thrones again, it's a bit annoying having read the books before but I'm still loving it. Also enjoying Girls.

3. Logan comprehending insane amounts.

4. My son slurping his cereal milk out of his bowl like a pro!

5. Spending time with my family over banana pancakes and a garage sale.

6. My boxing class making me sweat all over and want to throw up – must be doing something right!

7. Not being sick!!!

8. Play dates at the park.


10. A $5 yummy disgustingly greasy all day breakfast at my work on Friday.

Tomorrow is my birthday so lots of good food and family time. I'm excited for the first time in years!



I wish

It's one of those games we all play right?

Today my wish is lame but after having high tea in a child friendly venue (Jack & Jill's Nedlands for those Perthites out there) with my Mums Group I wish I had more sense of style. Lame first world wish but let me roll with it.

I have lots of clothes, some simple which work well together (nice jeans and a black top, nice dresses) but for the most part I just can't pull it all together. Some people make it look so effortless (I'm looking at you Sharon you hot mama!) but I just can't figure it out. We have some super stylish mamas in my group so there will definitely be some brain picking and possibly a laugh a minute reality tv girls night session haha raiding wardrobes why not?!

I am not resigning myself to never getting it right but today is one of those I wish days!


I'm sexy and I know it haha