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If you live anywhere that celebrates Halloween this isn’t such a big thing for you but for me, an Aussie, this is huge! I carved my first (mini) pumpkin – roughly modelled on Logan with the lone tooth – I didn’t want to risk trying two teeth on my first go!

I’ve spoken about buckets in an abstract kind of way on the reason behind this blog. This is a bucket that I can kick off my list (or claim an ice-cream for haha), carving a pumpkin/celebrating Halloween/creating a tradition. Yep, you read that right, I’m creating a tradition! I will be introducing pumpkin carving to our home each Halloween, it might take a lot of hunting to find a good enough pumpkin but I’m going to do it!

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Pumpkin Spice Latte…don't mind if I do. Taking a much needed family holiday! Can't wait to share all the details.



So my awesome day was gearing me up for this…my wonderful Nana, Logan's Great Nana and my last surviving grandparent passed away. I feel a bit numb to it all as she had a stroke(s) many months ago and was not the same woman she used to be. I know it is for the best, she's no longer trapped in a body that was not letting her be who she wanted to be. That was the hardest thing to witness when we last visited her (I'm so glad we made the trek to show her Logan even if it was incredibly hard to see her like that), you could tell she was the same person but she just couldn't communicate anymore. Nana always said she didn't want to be stuck in a body that didn't work and wanted the right to choose to die (this isn't what happened but was something she strongly believed in and I do too). I am glad she's in a better place now, wherever that may be my only sadness is that my poor Dad is overseas on his trip of a lifetime and I hope he doesn't come back, it's not what Nana would have wanted and it doesn't make him a bad son for not returning for her funeral. I feel I'd be doing a disservice not going out and travelling the world and having adventures because she always wanted the best for us.

So today I will remember all the good times we had instead of focusing on what could have been. Nana you were an amazing lady and I'm so glad I got to share over 26 years with you. Rest in Peace with Granddad xoxo


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Days like These

Those days were everything is just lots of fun or seems to just flow seamlessly. Today is one of those days and I love it, they’ve been few and far between recently so that’s made today extra special.

First I had an amazing night sleep, because it was a warm night I insisted on sleeping with the fan on. Usually I always sleep with a fan on and love white noise but I gave Logan our fan in the hopes of drowning out noise from our neighbours etc… So I had to learn to sleep without one. Turns out I sleep a whole lot better with a fan on, I’m assuming it’s because it blocks out Logan’s nighttime snuffling (not the crying just the noises he makes when he doesn’t need one of us!). I even thought he’d slept in because I hadn’t heard a peep but Andreas had gotten him up which was great.

That was followed by a proper walk with my Mum, Logan and the dogs and a nice long talk about housing and future plans. Logan went down for his morning nap about 15 minutes after we got back and I managed to sort out the living room and tidy up a bit (the house still looks like a bomb hit it but meh). Unfortunately he only slept for a little over an hour but it gave me time to have breakfast (blueberry pikelets with maple syrup and cream – shame on me I know), clean, shower and relax a bit.

After that we met up with my Mum again and went out to have coffees, do some shopping and have lunch. I also got some fanastic news from a friend (I can’t share yet unfortunately because I don’t know who reads this blog) and wanted to scream in the middle of a busy market, isn’t that the best kind of news! I also managed to score Logan some more onesies – yes he’s turning 1 soon but they’re so easy for travel and layering.

Now I’m back home, I’ve bought in a load of washing and I’m getting to blog. Next up (if Logan has a long nap, he went down at 3 and usually he’s fast asleep at 130 whoops!) is finishing 3 photo books. I’ve also got a dinner out with two girls from Mum’s Group which will be nice, a perfect end to a great day!


Where’s my baby?

You know, that question that only bad parents ask…well I asked it for the first time at our first first birthday party (which was situated semi-close to a big bit of water and a road). But the really bad thing was, I loved being able to ask it!



The answer was in the ball pit playing by himself for those getting a bit nervous.

Logan has always been a clingy baby and the past few weeks it had gotten to the point where I was going to try and swap him for another baby – something that is somewhat frowned upon here! But something change a couple of weeks ago and for the first time ever we attended a Mum’s Group play-date where he barely clambered onto me at all. This was then followed up with two sleepovers where he was an angel and two parties where he crawled around without needing Mummy.

To say I’m relieved is an understatement, sure at both parties my child was making a beeline for the food table but that’s not unusual and whatever keeps him happy right? He is finally coming into his own and I couldn’t be more delighted!

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We think someone needs a fairy

Yesterday I was being chauffeured around town by my Mum and Step-Dad when I realised Logan had two little holes on his bottom gum – yep, our little man is finally joining the chomper ranks! I had been thinking maybe something was going on a day or two before because he was suddenly drooling and he never does that but I put it down to the grandparents being back and him having sleepovers (two glorious sleepovers where he slept way better than he does at home!). So Andreas wins yet again in the stakes of Logan taking after his far – if he was to take after me he would have been 16 months before a tooth was seen.

Needless to say we’ve been walking around grinning like idiots and shouting the news from the rooftops. Why is it that teething brings about this since of success? It’s one of the stranger aspects of parenting that I’ll put in the too hard basket. I’m just glad that he’s dealing with it so well, he is being a bit more fussy and sleeping more than normal but in terms of being in pain there hasn’t been any signs (touch wood, cross fingers and toes etc… etc…).

So how does all this work? I can feel sharp little teeth in there but all I can see is the holes that they’ll eventually erupt out of and I’m just hoping they don’t choose to erupt when we’re on our long-haul flight to Toronto! If we’re at this stage and we talking days before they pop up or weeks or months?

In other news I feel like I’ve finally recovered but my house is in complete disarray and so is my exercise routine. Add to the fact that the weather is crap over here so dog walking has been scaled way back to a short jaunt to the park and I’m ready to jump out of my skin. I would ask my Mum to come and take him for a little bit so I could get the house in some semblance of order but she’s already helped me out heaps and I’ve practically been living at their place since they got back. On top of this I’ve asked two of my best friends over for dinner tomorrow night, yet another what was I thinking moment but thankfully they aren’t clean freaks and don’t have a judgmental bone in their bodies – unless you eat too much mayo in your sandwich but that’s a story for another time.

Logan has awoken so must dash, his naps are all over the place today!

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First Sleepover

Most parents reserve the first sleepover to a night out they can enjoy – maybe a getaway somewhere or a long dinner – not us! Instead it resulted from a giant cold/migraine on my part and a husband being out-of-town. The grandparents just got back from a long overseas jaunt and after initially being welcomed to the family dinner we were all having in their honour I decided to send myself into a self-imposed solitary confinement due to the aforementioned cold/migraine (and people not wanting to get sick). Mum dropped me home and very kindly offered to have him overnight (provided he went down ok). Hopefully he remains asleep (or at least easy to settle) which means I will get a decent night’s sleep and in turn I’m hoping that means I’ll be feeling a lot better.

I’ve definitely teared up and when I told Andreas this (over sms) he asked if it was because I missed him, Logan or I was sick and I realised it was a combination of all three. It’s nice in those moments of loneliness to realise that even though you might be on a completely different page to your partner sometimes in those really important moments you’re both on the same one!

So we’ll have to see what happens, whether in the middle of the night a screaming baby is bought to my door or I meet a happy son chowing down on two Weetbix tomorrow morning. As with most cases, when it comes to raising your own little human…only time will tell!

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