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So this is a woe is me post – someone give me a swift kick up the arse!

I am torturing myself over my mums group once again because I don't have a “buddy” all the ladies are lovely but I haven't met “the one”. This is the aspect of being a young mum that people don't talk about and, it especially sucks if none of your old friends are close to having babies!

Sometimes I wish all you girls were closer! But some of you are so Perth ladies who is up for a catch up? It's about time we all met 🙂 and anyone further away maybe just maybe you might feel like a WA holiday 😉

So comment here & I will organise. When I have more details feel free to share it on your blogs too, the more the merrier – and yes I will be on the hunt for a BMF (best mummy friend) xoxo


Sweet smells

I love baking – something I don’t feel that I share enough on this blog. Currently I have a yummy banana bread baking away and the house smells amazing. This is definitely one of those moments were I wish we could share smell. It’s a strange thing to be making this hot summer afternoon but I pulled my bananas out of the freezer and had to do something with them!

Best tip ever – if your bananas are going bad, peel them and throw them in a plastic baggie then pop them in the freezer – you can bring them out and defrost when you need to make a banana recipe.

We’ve been a house of bugs recently (the sick kind not the bed bug kind!) first I got sick and then it hit my Mum and finally it’s hit Andreas. Thankfully Logan has been spared and I hope that doesn’t change because he’s due at daycare tomorrow. But not only that, he’s been terrible recently – not sleeping through the night (screaming & carrying on at all hours – we do pick him up from the cot but also try and leave him to cry which is IMPOSSIBLE!) and being such a grumpy tantrum throwing little guy. I know it really comes down to him needing his uninterrupted sleep during the night and possibly he has been feeling a little off as well. Either way I hope this finishes soon and he’s back to the little boy he was just a couple of months ago, this feels like Logan in the beginning which was horrid!

But back to the banana bread, the oven just went ding and I’m about to get it out. YUMMO!

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Back to it

Work that is…

I started last week, just two days (Thursday and Friday) and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately (& I say that in a completely non judgemental way!) I had to put Logan in daycare. So far it isn't going great but we will keep at it. He has always been a very clingy and difficult baby/toddler so I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park as it had been for other mothers. I'm just hoping that he doesn't take after his father in this regard and daycare just isn't for him because I thoroughly enjoyed my two days of work!

On the work front I'm branching out from recruitment (yay) and getting to apply my studies more, the downside I have to deal with workers compensation (boo). I'm not looking forward to having to deal with the cases where it's obvious fraud and they're just trying to sucker us but I guess it will be good to expand my skill set. I'm definitely not tough enough for the role but hopefully that will improve with time and it will be good helping people return to work after injury etc…

It's strange going back after such a significant amount of time off. People have come and gone, offices have been moved and our interview room is once again in a donga! But everyone was so welcoming and my team is brilliant so all good things.

In regards to daycare I took Logan in today and stayed with him for roughly 40 minutes. He started off really clingy and unhappy but after all the babies had finished lunch he started playing with toys and interacting lots more. 2 of the boys there are in my mum's group which is good. Although one was being a bit pushy in this sly adorable way. Logan didn't mind, I think he thought he got pushed to the ground in a hug gone wrong haha. I wanted to take him back in because otherwise he would have had 5 whole days without being there and it would have really messed him about.

He was a mess this past weekend though and completely obsessed with me. We had to be standing up and holding him for him to stop crying and he even wound up sleeping in our bed Friday night because he was inconsolable. He's definitely having massive separation anxiety problems so any suggestions would be great. He's also started hating his highchairs with a passion and not enjoying swimming in his paddling pool so it was a hard weekend. I think he actually cried with minimal breaks for about 20 hours straight – it was like having a newborn all over again.

Surprisingly I'm now more than ever keen for another baby and probably sooner rather than later. I feel terrible though because I more than likely will be pregnant again and have been at work for less than a year. But life and family are more important than a job and I don't want a huge age gap between them either.

Off to exercise soon (hurrah) we lost our trainer to a honeymoon over the holidays so it will be good to get back into the swing of things. I'm happy I haven't put on any excess weight which really surprised me because I've stopped breastfeeding and haven't been eating super healthy either. But back to more workouts so I don't put any more on and hopefully can shed a few more kilos!




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