Week 35: Bonding with Bubs

Size: coconut

What’s Bubs Up To: hiccups, growing lots and stretching/kicking non-stop

Symptoms: still lacking sleep, occasionally feeling a bit nauseous, feeling very stretched out as though my belly is refusing to expand for little Miss

Cravings: nothing really other than sweet stuff

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: 84kg give or take

Feelings: grumpy, exhausted, sore, uncomfortable and completely in love with our little wrestler (this about sums it up!). Oh and feeling very sorry for my poor husband having to put up with me!

Random: I got very scared when I looked at one of my pregnancy apps and there was less than 30 days to go! I mean I know it’s coming but I feel like I need more time, we are definitely not ready nursery wise but if she was to come we’d be able to pull together pretty quickly and besides babies don’t need that much. Still, I must get up into our cupboards and pull out all that breastfeeding and newborn stuff that’s still packed away…lurking in the depths!


6 thoughts on “Week 35: Bonding with Bubs

  1. spark says:

    Oh these feelings are so much what I felt as well. I was really not organised this time compared to how I was with miss s. Those toddlers really suck up your time! xxx

    • aussiemor says:

      I don’t even know if I can blame it completely on Logan I just feel so unmotivated. I guess it’s also a combination of knowing that she doesn’t actually need all of that (eg the awesome nursery) that would just be for my benefit! After all, she’s going to be in a basinette for awhile!

  2. Lila says:

    Can’t believe you’re nearly there.
    Don’t stress too much about being organised, I think there’s a tendency to streamline for second and subsequent children!

  3. Sammie says:

    At 35 weeks I had a baby! Eek!!!! It really is any day now.
    Sorry I’ve been UN – blogging. Just coming past to catch up now!

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