Week 34: Bonding with Bubs

Size: butternut squash

What’s Bubs Up To: she decided to play nice (or the exercises I was sporadically doing worked) and is now head down, she’s still moving and shaking non stop

Symptoms: hardly sleeping at night, feeling really stretched out and tight especially when she plays smackdown in there, grumpy…does that even count as a symptom ha-ha

Cravings: coffee, bananas, pikelets/pancakes, cheese

Keep that away from me: mince

Weight: 84kg

Feelings: grumpy, exhausted, sore, uncomfortable and completely in love with our little wrestler

Random: I have zero motivation to do anything in regards to the nursery. I have prints I need to measure and order frames for/go to Ikea, we have furniture to move around, curtains to hang, newborn clothes to wash and I just can’t get into the head space to do any of it. I’m hoping that will change when I finish work on the 25th but I doubt it! I need that damn nesting bug to kick in.


I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster because my Great Aunt passed away very unexpectedly. I am a terrible person when it comes to dealing with grief…I kind of act like nothing has happened and barely cry sort of like a robot so I always feel guilty about that. I just can’t help how I respond the best way I can think of explaining it is like when you go to the movies and want to burst into tears during a really sad part but just refuse to cry. My poor Mum has taken it really badly because my Great Aunt was like the matriach on Mum’s side and she was pretty much my Grandma seeing as I Mum’s mum died before I was born. Everyone called her Aunty and she would always speak her mind, it was uncanny how much I resembled her whenever photos were put up of her when she was younger, people would always do a double take. It’s nice though to know what I will look like when I’m older, I just wish that I’d collected stories from her because I know she had so many and now I really don’t have much of a link to that side of my heritage. The last thing we spoke about was how she wasn’t impressed that I found out I was having a girl and I spoke back and told her it was my decision. I’m glad that’s my last sort of memory, most people wouldn’t be but it’s like Aunty and I came full circle. From her shoving vicks vapour rub up my nose when I was little and had a cold to finally being somewhat her equal. She was an amazing woman and whilst I hate funerals (because the robot tends to disappear and I turn into a blubbering mess) I am looking forward to getting to celebrate her life.

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