Week 32: Bonding with Bubs

Size: squash

What’s Bubs Up To: she went breech argh…

Symptoms: not sleeping, my linea nigrea has finally shown up (I oddly love my belly line)

Cravings: food, toasted croissant with ham and cheese YUMMO!

Keep that away from me: nothing new to report this week

Weight: 81kg

Feelings: stressed out over Baby Girl being in breech – same thing happened with Logan and he turned so I really hope she will too. Plus she moves around so much. Still I now have to go in at 34 weeks and we’ll see from there it could mean I get booted out of the Birth Centre which would be a pain in the butt. I’m not that worried if it leads to a c-section but obviously would love to go natural rather than have major surgery but my mindset is always whatever is best and safest for her so we’ll just wait and see. Send all turn around vibes my way!

Random:We think we’re going to go with Gwen for the middle name as this has significance in my family (I’m pretty sure it’s my Mum’s Mum’s name but it may be the name of her step-mother either way it’s still keeping in the family). Hubby isn’t really fussed on putting any family name from his side (the Danes tend to use surnames in there) so I may also put my paternal Nana’s name in there too especially as I grew up with her and she will never meet this great-granddaughter.

But people are still doing my head in asking about names – I am not going to announce it until I’ve met my daughter! Besides we still have no idea.


2 thoughts on “Week 32: Bonding with Bubs

  1. Lila says:

    Will be sending positive baby turning vibes your way.
    Gwen is lovely, can’t wait to see her cute face and tiny hands!

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