Week 30: Bonding with Bubs

Size: coconut

What’s Bubs Up To: it’s still party time in my belly but now she’s getting me in the ribs OUCH

Symptoms: lack of sleep and I’m definitely feeling her kick me or squish my bladder a lot more. I’ve been getting a sore lower back really easily as well which isn’t fun.

Cravings: coffee, salt and vinegar chips and chocolate the latter two after dinner and yes Hubby has had to do some late night shops.

Keep that away from me: turkey mince – I put it in the pan for dinner and thought it was rancid but figured I should let Hubby do the non-preggo test…turns out I just can’t stand the stuff this pregnancy but any other mince is ok.

Weight: 80kg give or take

Feelings: missing being able to bend over and putting on shoes isn’t much fun! I’ve definitely become “pregnant” now.

Random: hopefully we’re setting up the nursery (somewhat) this weekend. I’m also counting down until my fit ball arrives I can’t wait to sit on it!






2 thoughts on “Week 30: Bonding with Bubs

  1. Lila says:

    Your belly is so cute! I bet it’s hard to believe she’s only the size of a coconut when she’s up in your ribs!

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah I think she’s going to be a little (big) bruiser haha I get an inkling she’ll be bigger than her brother!

      On Friday, June 20, 2014, icecreamandbuckets wrote:


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