So it Goes

I keep wanting to write a post apologising for not blogging more often but I’m not going to do those any more. If I was building my blog with the intention for it to become a way for me to make an income or wanting to build readership then by all means I would but I’ve decided I’m not. That might change in the future – heck a little bit of money and some freebies would be nice especially with the upcoming year of no double income (BOO!) – but for now that’s my stance.

From a writing point of view I wish I was more on top of things, I like sharing stuff with people willing to come along for the ride and it’s lovely getting comments and developing friendships through this blog (and the others I read). So I’m going to be the sporadic blogger. At the moment the focus is obviously on Baby Girl and the reason behind that is because I want a document of this pregnancy much like I had with Logan – although poor thing is definitely not in the limelight like he was.

So this blog is just going to keep chugging along and I’ll post things when I get around to it. Thanks for sticking around and putting up with me xoxo


6 thoughts on “So it Goes

  1. Lila says:

    I’ll always be here, no matter how long between posts!

  2. lllearningmum says:

    You can do what you like. Hope budgeting is going well.

  3. EmmieGemmie says:

    I’m with ya Jess!
    Definitely no need to apologise.
    Sometimes life gets in the way.

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