Waiting for a Bus

Did anyone ever do this improv during drama class? I loved it, even though I’m an anxious homebody, I could somehow always perform on the stage. I loved drama but I didn’t pursue it beyond the middle of high school – there were other subjects I needed to focus on to get into uni.

Recently at work I had to pretend to be a grumpy bus driver and it was fun – everyone was shocked at how easily I fell into the role. I wasn’t though, sure it is the complete opposite of the real me but I love performing.

But I’m getting off track as I have a tendency to do…

Last week I had my glucose test and tomorrow hopefully I get the results at my midwife appointment (after another ultrasound which I’m a bit nervous about). I didn’t wind up feeling as horrible or faint as I did doing it with Logan but this time I hated the drink, even though it was the same, it felt like I had a mouth full of those green snake lollies blergh! Mum had to watch Logan so she didn’t hang around and after I left the test I sat down to wait for her at a bench. Similar to a bus stop but not one – public transport is another one of my ‘fears’ silly I know.

About 5 minutes later I was joined by an older gentleman who commented that ‘you never want to get old’. Usually I would just smile but I thought stuff that and told him I feel the same way being pregnant & having to sit down all the time, which lead on to ‘congratulations’ and further conversations about family and technology and the like. It was so nice to have a friendly conversation with a complete stranger. With everything that is going on in the media it was nice to have that fleeting connection with someone and know that the world is alright sometimes we just have to make a little more effort and step outside our comfort zone.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for a Bus

  1. Lila says:

    Beautiful post Jess, those fleeting conversations with strangers can be really lovely.

    • aussiemor says:

      Sadly yesterday a woman destroyed all my hopes for humanity by telling Logan to smack me repeatedly because he was whinging (he wasn’t even doing it loudly!). The universe is a funny place! But then everyone in the shop was so sweet to him after the weirdo left so all faith restored hurrah!

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