Week 25: Bonding with Bubs


Size:  cauliflower
What’s Bubs Up To:  kicking, rolling moving non-stop and I can see her from the outside now.
Symptoms: still dizzy more so in the mornings which really puts a downer on the start of the day! It also makes it difficult to get even the simplest tasks done (unpacking the dishwasher anyone…). Headaches have also kicked in which is annoying and I’m not sleeping that great either but that’s not uncommon.
Cravings: hot chips & sweets
Keep that away from me: big bits of meat – most times I’m fine with it but if it becomes really obvious that it’s just meat I feel a bit sick – I imagine this is on the tiny scale compared to what makes people vegetarians (& obviously they do it for other reasons too!)
Weight: unknown.
Feelings:  Loving how Logan is “bonding” with his little sister, he constantly wants to “see baby sister” and will then start blowing raspberries and trying to wake her up. He swears that she kicks him but she hasn’t yet.

Random: Nothing much for here, I’m getting a few ‘Pinterest’ ideas for Baby Girl’s nursery and hoping I’ll get crafty!


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