Library Time

(Pre-warning this is a argh de-stress parenting post…dealing with poop explosions was more fun than this morning!)

The last time I stepped foot in a library Logan was still on the boob and probably only 3-4 months old. It was part of the community health Mum’s Group sessions and it was great even if he did whinge because I was with people I knew and the other smaller Mums Groups that were there were also really nice.

Take two this morning and I won’t be in a hurry to go back. We had the epic tantrum because he couldn’t play on the baby toys which hadn’t been packed away from the previous session and snide mother comments thrown in to the mix as well. Because of course I want your judgement on my already uncomfortable situation!

This was a big deal for me, as many of you know I’m pathetic at getting out and doing things by myself, I was like that before Logan and I’m somewhat worse with him (I would love to see how different it would have been if he was an easy baby). So I put on my big girl pants – which are actually heading in that direction now – and took him to the Storytime Session at our local library. I was after some sort of free activity to get him involved in especially now that we’ve cancelled swimming. Obviously these sessions are bigger than I expected but we entered the library with minimum fuss thanks to some puddle jumping. But from there it just went down hill and I wanted to shove a giant bag over my head and run.

He had a quick play on the baby toy until a bigger boy came over and started pulling at it and they both fell over (not far considering they were both sitting & it was on a rug). I’m used to older kids being a bit rougher with him and my parenting philosophy is ‘let it happen’ unless they’re getting too violent or mean, this is the real world after all I’m not raising a cotton-wool kid. A woman came over (I assumed was the boy’s mother – but wasn’t) and snidely said Logan was too big for it – no shit Sherlock! But I knew if I didn’t let him play in it for a bit we’d be in for one of his giant meltdowns. Unfortunately as soon as the boy blundered off the library assistant took the toy away. I though fantastic because Logan responds well to figures in authority versus me but unfortunately she only put the toy away against the wall and heaps of kids started to play with it which meant Logan had no idea why he couldn’t and tears and crying ensued. This lead to the second remark of “there’s always one, thank god it’s not mine” if I wasn’t embarrassed before I was bright red then. But the other half of me was ready to snap, I love that instead of offering help people are quick with comments such as those. As a mother of a difficult child I always wish their second is a little hellion when I hear that, it’s just such a waste of breath. Why not be nice and either not say anything or offer me a sympathetic smile or better yet a kind word! The world would be a much nicer place and frazzled mothers wouldn’t feel like they had to lock themselves at home going crazy.

Finally the librarian came out and started reading and doing rhymes. Logan sat on my lap off to the side alternating between whinging, clinging and begging to go play on the toy. I wanted to threaten him with going home but I knew that would be a reward for him – any suggestions on what to do in a situation like this greatly appreciated – so instead we just waited it out. He didn’t really calm down so we walked off to go and find some books to sit and read quietly. Again he found another baby walker type toy and proceeded to play with that whilst I tried to coax him with books. Eventually we read 1/4 of a book and left the library…I would like to say we’ll return but I don’t think so, I think he’d much prefer doing something where he can play with toys or instruments rather than having to sit still and listen. But, it makes me think, what would have happened if that damn baby toy hadn’t been there….

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4 thoughts on “Library Time

  1. Oh hun that sounds so much like our library experiences. I don’t know what it is about some women that think because their child is easy it has something to do with your parenting when you have a difficult one, I wish wish hellion twins on people like that.
    I do wish we were there because I would have told them to go f themselves for you, it makes my blood boil that they can see you’re already having a hard time so instead of cutting you a break they’re nasty to you.
    We’ve given up the library because I can’t stand the perfectly groomed mean mothers, it’s like being in high school all over again!

    • aussiemor says:

      It really was! I was impressed that there were some dads & grandparents there but so much for making more mama friends. Logan will just have to work on play without tv our next big hurdle!

      On Monday, April 28, 2014, icecreamandbuckets wrote:


  2. Sammie says:

    Sorry to hear hon.
    What about Playgroup?
    I trialled one last year and hated it. (Cliquey MG people and some saying I was over dressed! In jeans {sure they were J Brand!} a jumper {ok Country Road} & ballet flats! Same stuff I wear every single day!)
    Trialled again yesterday and there’s a bully but loved it and will just steer clear of the. Bully.
    $45 for a term. 1.5 hours a week. They can have the messy craft and playdough there!
    I don’t really care for the other parents. I’m there to have fun with my kid!

    And passive aggressive and snide remarks shit me! FFS! Were all in this together! Show support and sympathy.

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah I’ve always chucked playground on the back burner didn’t realise you could do a trial! Glad you had a better time this go around, it’s just bizzarre! Why do ppl want to be cliquey after all that high school bs!

      On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, icecreamandbuckets wrote:


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