The Staples

I know I need to post for Project 52 but the photos aren’t on my laptop and it’s a lazy Sunday!

Instead I figured I’d talk about parenting staples especially after our fun poop moment at the park this morning (we have been so fortunate to avoid this but it seems like all the unfortunate firsts are happening in 2014!).

Parenting is constantly about learning and being on the ball. You can’t be away with the fairies as much as you used to and it’s always when you’re under-prepared that disaster will strike. At least we got a small play on the equipment in before suffering the blustery winds off the river and driving home with cold take-away coffees. Which brings me to the first staple:


I know not everyone drinks coffee and if you’re pregnant you might want to avoid the caffeine (I tend to stick to one caffeinated drink a day if that). But if you are a coffee drinker this is a must for any parent. Not only does it give you that little pick me up if you haven’t slept that night (or the past week!) but it also gives you a few seconds of you time – unless of course the coffee tastes like crap and then you’re just annoyed!


How on Earth did I survive without these? I even find myself sans Logan with uses for them (although I’m never carrying them around then). Wipes are tricky because if you’re a fan of the environment they’re not so great (for this reason we use flannels/hand washers at home for cleaning faces & hands) and also you need to find the right brand for your little one. But they can do everything! Clean up spills, wipe snotty noses when you’ve forgotten a tissue, clean bums, hands, faces and whatever other body part happens to be sticky/contaminated! Also make sure you’re carrying more than you need because there’s nothing worse than being caught out without enough wipes.


Two reasons (other than the obvious) – they hide tired eyes and they give your child something to entertain themselves with. Of course if you wear prescription sunnies I might suggest not doing the latter but if you don’t stock up on cheap sunnies (I get mine from Cotton On or if I’m ever in Bali). Sure designer sunglasses are gorgeous but if you’re constantly losing them like me even before having kids you’re going to be even worse afterwards!


Like wipes these have multiple uses – blocking the sun from car windows, something handy to sit on, great for wiping rain off play equipment, good for keeping cold weather at bay and likewise shading from the sun, great to throw over your pram as extra protection and if you’re a pro-swaddler (I’m not) perfect for wrapping up your newborn.


Once you enter the later stages of toddlerdom snacks become a necessity especially if you have a kid like Logan. However, the plus side of them being older is you can grab something when you’re grabbing a coffee if you aren’t inclined to make your own (or you’re forgetful). Fruit is always an easy option and Cheerios are my on the top of my list but other things include muesli bars, muffins, sandwiches, crackers, cheese sticks…the list is endless. I’ve found pikelets to be a big hit when I can be bothered cooking and they’re great for hiding veggies in as well plus they’re so easy to make sugar-free. Just remember if you happen to be catching up with a group of toddlers there will be sharing so avoid the peanut butter etc… and be mindful of allergies. But most importantly bring enough to share!


For us this is the iPhone – judge all you want (I know I did before having Logan) but if you want to have a coffee date with some friends who don’t have kids/you’re not in the vicinity of a playground you need something to keep your child entertained or there was no point you even going out! If books work or colouring in stuff then great but Logan will only be “easy” if we give him the technology. I’m hoping Baby Girl will be a different kettle of fish but if she’s growing up with her brother chances are that will be a big fat no. While I’m at it, don’t be too mean to the parents who do throw iPhones etc… at their kids to shut them up, trust me when I say we feel bad enough we have to do it but if it’s that or epic melt downs I know which one I will choose time and time again. Just because I have a kid doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally want to enjoy life without having to do exactly what he wants to do every moment of the day!


This won’t apply to the Dads – unless you like that kind of thing or you’ve got a “neutral” lip balm – but I always make sure I have one chucked in the bag. I am a minimalist when it comes to make up and literally use this and mascara and that’s it. So it definitely helps me feel a bit more human when facing the world.


If you’re hands get dry like mine then never, ever, ever forget this. It’s a horrible feeling having dry hands and no hand cream, I’ve got multiple tubes floating around but this always winds up missing from my bag.

Of course there are many other staples – change of clothes, nappies, water etc… but I thought I’d share my odds and ends. Now back to that extremely cold coffee!

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2 thoughts on “The Staples

  1. They’re some great staples. I wish the technology would work with Eve! When I see little ones occupied with technology I’m not judging I’m jealous!

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