Week 21: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Pomegranate (too cute, one of my favourite fruits!)
What’s Bubs Up To: kicking and hiccuping and moving a lot especially at night and occasionally after a meal.
Symptoms: a wonky belly button (yay for being able to freak out the Hubby) but no real symptoms, the occasional twinge in my side but thankfully no more ligament pain freaking me out.
Cravings: sweets and chips
Keep that away from me: still nothing although there was some issues with carving into a roast
Weight: no idea but I would be very surprised if I’d hit 80kg, I’m definitely small (but not at all worried) but a bump is there.
Feelings: Happy over little girls clothes that are being donated or bought – she is already super spoilt and loved

Random: Technically this should fall in the next BWB post but I cracked up so hard today when my Mum asked Logan what his baby sister should be called and he said Booger Nose. I love my little boy so much!!! A bit of an odd proud mama moment

I must continue to apologise for no bump photos they’re all on Hubby’s phone and I just keep forgetting to steal them!


2 thoughts on “Week 21: Bonding with Bubs

  1. Lila says:

    Little booger nose will be the cutest thing ever!

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