Week 20: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Banana
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving around a lot more, it’s like a party in there nowadays.
Symptoms: not sleeping through the night (BOO!), round ligament pain which I thought could potentially be appendicitis – OUCH – I didn’t get this with Logan but apparently it’s common with second+ pregnancies. It was so painful and kept me up all night last night, super intense, I didn’t think all the stretching going on in there would cause something that painful.
Cravings: comfort food and anything I don’t have to cook!
Keep that away from me: nothing at the moment
Weight: 73kg – I want to steal my GP’s scales!
Feelings: definitely in love with our daughter and so happy we found out, although with everything this pregnancy is putting me through I would have been firmly in ‘Camp Girl’ even if we hadn’t found out. I’m hoping this means she’ll be an easy baby but I have my very big doubts.

Random: Officially 21 weeks today and still not feeling very big other than my boobs which have exploded…the men of the world thank you…the Jess’ of the world curse you. I’m refusing the bring out the daggy bras just yet but I’m not having much luck with my normal bras any more.

As I mentioned in the previous post we’re currently playing the name game. Sadly we’re not agreeing on much and I’m getting nervous we’re going to fall back on the name we were tossing around when I was pregnant with Logan that I don’t ‘love’ any more. I’ll just tug on the Hubby’s heart strings after the labour and hopefully get my way hahaha

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6 thoughts on “Week 20: Bonding with Bubs

  1. Lila says:

    Don’t stress too much it took us a long time to get to Eve’s name, you’ve got time for the right name to pop up.

  2. spark says:

    Love reading these posts! You might find Nymbler useful…it generates names you might like based on other names you like…fun anyway:) For a girl we loved the names:


    • aussiemor says:

      Freya is on our list with a j because it’s one of the only Danish names I can pronounce :p

      Alba is adorable!

      On Friday, April 11, 2014, icecreamandbuckets wrote:


  3. Sammie says:

    I had Abi an easy one and Lachie’s been hard work.
    Maybe you will get the opposite!!!!!!!

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