Week 17: Bonding with Bubs


Size: Onion (I don’t know if I believe these things!)
What’s Bubs Up To: Moving a little bit more, I’ve definitely been feeling some consistent thumps.
Symptoms: random pain when walking (again same as with Logan), feeling blergh if I exert myself even a little bit, tired but not as bad as before
Cravings: potatoes, salt & vinegar chips, anything sweet or salty, cheese
Keep that away from me: capsicum
Weight: 76kg
Feelings: Good, had my booking appointment with the birth center except they now want me to have lots more scans because apparently I measured 1 point off normal for something in my scan and that could mean a small/pre-term baby…I seriously doubt this going by Logan but maybe it will equal out to an average size baby. At least the scans might forewarn if I’m going to have another whopper! But it’s really not adding to me enjoying this pregnancy.

Random: This time next week we’ll know if we’re having a boy or a girl! Exciting. Bear in mind I’m a week behind with these so I’m actually 18 weeks turning 19 weeks on Thursday.


5 thoughts on “Week 17: Bonding with Bubs

  1. So exciting, hope you get some energy back soon.

  2. Sammie says:

    OMG! I can’t believe you are 17 weeks!!!
    I haven’t been blogging or reading as I’ve been too busy but wow!!! 17 weeks! So exciting!!!

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