Living Simply – February Round Up

Phew, we made it to the finish line and March is well under way now. You really notice the calendar when you’re pregnant!

February was a really tough month for us, crazy bills to do with bubs (thanks private hospital emergency fee!), planning for the Husband’s 30th birthday and the usual as well – petrol, groceries. We didn’t feel like we were struggling the whole time but definitely towards the end there was some eeek moments and we still dipped in to my pay to cover day care.

It was definitely an eye opening experience considering we used to be on one income not so long ago but it’s funny how expensive a toddler can be! Music lessons, swimming and day care – we’re definitely going to have to put away some extra savings for when I go on leave with Peanut (I’m trialling the nickname – I figure if I keep using it it will become ingrained right?).

The biggest thing I noticed by not spending on anything other than the necessities (& a few meals out) is how much I craved shopping. It scared me a bit and I was second guessing anything I was spending money on. I found internet window shopping to be my saviour but it felt a bit sad! Not that I couldn’t buy anything but that my brain was reacting that way and couldn’t just switch off from being a consumer!

I would love to say that come March I’m still sticking to a budget and haven’t bought anything but that would be a HUGE lie. I’ve just bought Logan a whole bunch of tops – so we can fit his big head through! – and it’s going to be birthday week very soon so that’s going to chew through the money very quickly. Plus a very expensive electricity bill came in the first couple of days – not fair! I’m looking forward to a cool change coming soon so that we can get rid of all the air conditioning.

Saving for a home deposit is still the ultimate goal and once March is out of the picture I’ll be leaning more towards being frugal and waiting for some decent sales to get the second baby stuff we need (which isn’t a lot thankfully). I am still feeling the desire to live simply and not buy anything that isn’t a necessity and I’m loving this new aspect of life. I’m also finding it a blessing knowing we aren’t in our forever home because I’m not buying all those knick knacks etc… I otherwise would be but it’s also making me a little sad when I think about the nursery. Still, Logan was barely in his first nursery and this baby will be there for at least a year if not longer.

Our main goal with all of this is home ownership but not at the expense of us enjoying our lives!


6 thoughts on “Living Simply – February Round Up

  1. I think you’re doing amazing trying this! We live on the one wage and it can be so frustrating so I understand the challenges that you’ve mentioned.
    But by the same token if I went back to work the costs of childcare would strip most of the benefit away.
    I know it sucks having to sacrifice to have your own house but I can say that even though at times I find it frustrating there is something really comforting for me to nest and make the space mine in a way that I can’t in a rental.
    You should be super proud of yourselves, most people would never try to live on one wage with 2 coming in!

    • aussiemor says:

      Thanks Lila. Yeah it’s save save save at the moment but I’m so annoyed by how expensive some classes are for toddlers. Especially given how particular Logan is! But that’s a whole other rant. It’s easier saving this time because we have no holidays planned. I’m too nervous to fly after Sri Lanka which is good for our home dreams! We’ll get there in the meantime I’m living through you 😉

      On Wednesday, March 12, 2014, icecreamandbuckets wrote:


  2. lllearningmum says:

    The not in forever house is also saving us heaps as well. Having moved in the past year also realised that we have too much stuff we don’t need. Babies/children are exxy. I love Window shopping on Internet. I very rarely have bought on Internet (I’m very indecisive). I’m part of a great Facebook group that buys and sells baby stuff in my local area. Great for getting bargains on brand new stuff that people were given as presents or even 2nd hand play quality clothes. Good luck for the rest of March

    • aussiemor says:

      I really need to get into the facebook groups, I think I’m missing out on a huge thing there!
      I’m glad I don’t have to move for another couple of years but it feels strange I’m used to moving house at least once a year!

  3. EmmieGemmie says:

    You did really well!!

    We’re really feeling the pinch of one income as well 😦 Damn those big bills that never stop coming in

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