Living Simply

Dear February,

You are kicking our butts and you are the shortest month of the year. Please kindly end and March, if you’re listening could you bring some cooler breezes throughout the day and a lotto win?  Oh and no more expensive bills we’re spent both literally and figuratively.

Kind Regards,



PS: This living on one salary thing is hard work. I’ll expand more once March has graced us with her presence.

PPS: Are all months girls? I get the feeling August is a boy but just because I like the name (and no I won’t be doing that to our child!)

PPPS: I had Logan taken off my hands so I could indulge in a much needed hair cut. New hairdresser who I loved but I think I went a bit too short at the back. Oh well it’s growing like crazy now I’m pregnant!


4 thoughts on “Living Simply

  1. Lila says:

    I agree the bills and the breakages can go elsewhere please!
    Hope you’re feeling okay.

  2. EmmieGemmie says:

    We’ve had a tight month too! Reality bites 😦
    I would consider March and August both male-sounding months.. but maybe months are like cars.. always girls??

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