Does your hair define you?


I’ve had all kinds of hair – Sporty Spice circa mid-90s; the Pob; long hair; layers; fringe (aka bangs); bright orange; bright pink; bright red…

So I guess you can assume A) I love the Spice Girls and (B) I like to make a statement.

Most recently (ok about 4/5 months ago) I cut most of my hair off into a concave bob/pixie cut it felt so refreshing. No more spending 30+ minutes blow drying my hair (& that wasn’t even to make it look good) and no more oily yuck!

Since then I’ve only had one somewhat negative comment from my cousin saying it was a mum cut and even then I don’t think she meant it negatively. But she is from the group of never cutting my long hair beyond a trim. Mostly everyone is really impressed with it and somewhat jealous which I find funny.

It always strikes me as odd what people consider lucky. For me apparently, it is that I don’t have to use a straightener. It looks more styled if I do but honestly it doesn’t really make much difference. I’m surprised to find that’s a thing to covet! For me I covet a fringe that doesn’t have a giant cow lick front and centre haha

By far my worst haircut was in kindergarten when Mum gave be a bowl hair cut! It makes me wonder what is in store for Logan!? I feel that an at home job is on the cards very soon, surely shaggy at the back is easy to do myself right?!


Feel like a repressed teen in this one, pretty sure I was preggo though!

Homeless man in LA - "Girl you're hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!"

Homeless man in LA – “Girl you’re hair is on fire! Dump him and date me! Fire Girl!”


6 thoughts on “Does your hair define you?

  1. Lila says:

    My hair probably defines that I’m changeable! I think it’s another thing you and I do the same, it’s nice to have a change whenever we want and hair is the easiest way for a dramatic change!

  2. EmGem says:

    Looks great!
    And what’s wrong with being a Mum??

  3. You suit the short hair actually! Yes I did the pob and pregnancy made my hair really long. So sticking to long hair for now as when I get it cut I don’t think I’ll be able to grow it again.

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