Sri Lanka Snippets

I can’t even think of how to begin to describe this holiday! It was the first holiday I took sans Logan (which wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be) with a bunch of high-school friends who are all at different life stages to me. Then there was the added stress of health issues. Unfortunately it wasn’t the trip I imagined which was a whole lot of relaxing doing nothing and sleeping in!

Still aspects of it were amazing! The temples were beautiful:

Me in Colombo temple

Colombo Temple

We got to dress up in saris:


We had some amazing views:


We got to lounge by the pool:


But best of all we got to experience a Sri Lanka wedding and homecoming complete with beautiful outfits and amazing dancers/drummers:

dancers at homecoming



Unfortunately the photos aren’t that great but that’s what happens when I have to rely on facebook. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting my camera!

I’m disappointed that I didn’t organise the trip a bit better as I think I would have had a more enjoyable time in Sri Lanka. Instead being stuck in the two biggest cities and not feeling very well hasn’t left me with fond memories of the country. However, my girlfriends who travelled on a bit longer after we left had a blast at the beach and visiting various sites with our friend and her new in-laws and they can’t wait to return. I’m definitely glad I went though, it was so much fun experiencing a wedding in another culture and I can’t wait to wear a sari again!

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4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Snippets

  1. Lila says:

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well, hopefully wherever you go next time you have a better trip!

  2. EmmieGem says:

    Love holidays with The Girls! How fun!
    How long where you gone for?
    It must have been so interesting to experience a Sri Lankan wedding.. Those saris are just gorgeous!

    Now… I want to know why you’re not feeling well??

    • aussiemor says:

      We were only gone for 10 days went with the girls and our good guy friend – who I had to bed share with awkward!!

      Yeah the health stuff was tonsilitis (really bad) and the whole poorly tummy thing 😦 Sometimes I swore my throat was going to close up not good!

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