Jingle Bells

I've found myself with this song stuck in my head a lot over the past week or so. Christmas is definitely coming! It's certainly different this season as Logan is so close to getting it and he's enjoying the little rituals and traditions we're starting as a little family.

It's so much fun being a Mum at this time of year. I'm sure my bank balance disagrees but I've gotten pretty good at internet window shopping! Today I bought Logan his yearly Christmas costumes (yes he gets multiple but we have two Christmases in our family) and got a significant portion of the gift list done. But I got distracted by shopping (shock horror), I was meaning to talk about being a Mum at Christmas. Specifically a Mum of a toddler at Christmas.

This will be Logan's third Christmas, his first he was just over one month old and his second he was just over a year. It's so much more exciting this year, we're even talking about Santa! He's on the roof you know! I know you should savour the moment but it's hard not to look ahead and just see it getting better and better up until he gets greedy and I'm sure that's coming sooner rather than later!

So to get myself back in the moment and to some extent document what I love about being a Mum to a toddler at Christmas here are a few 'highlights':

  • Logan taking the bone ornament on our tree and giving it to the dog ornament on our tree (he was our first fur baby after all!)
  • More excitement about blu-tacing the advent calendar snow flake to the mirror than actually completing the activity.
  • Painting Christmas cards and watching him press two bits together to get a pattern – crazy skills, but more likely thank you day care haha.
  • Seeing him notice all the decorations around the house slowly (I think Elf on a Shelf is on the cards for next year).
  • Singing and dancing with him in the kitchen.

I know I often say how hard Logan is but he's also really amazing and I feel so so lucky to be able to share the silly season with him and his far.


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5 thoughts on “Jingle Bells

  1. Sammie says:

    It’s awesome isn’t it!!! All saying get “bingle bells please mummy” and we play ‘jingle bells’ All daylong! I’m trying to get a video if it!

  2. lilalittlewolff says:

    I think the full on kiddos are also the super rewarding ones (not that the others aren’t it’s just easier to appreciate in the less demanding kids) there might be more challenge but there’s an equal helping of awesome!

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