Logan #2


I realised this post could have gotten some people excited – nope I don’t mean a second Logan is on the way! I mean party number 2.

We’re not having much luck with parties and illness, last year I got worked into such a tizz about his first birthday party being perfect enough to get into a magazine (it didn’t and it wasn’t meant to either!) that I made myself sick. This year unfortunately it was Logan’s turn and the only person he wanted was (Grand)Ma. Everyone else got shouted ‘No!’ at our gently pushed away which wasn’t fun for my in-laws. Thank fully we all have thick skin and can handle Grandma being #1.

But on with this year’s party. I had a couple of rules:

  • minimal stress
  • family only

There was probably moderate stress (thanks to a failed coconut cream icing recipe) but I was successful with the second rule. Family only meant we had far, far fewer guests than last year (7 compared to 20+) and instead of putting on the big spread we just did chips, crackers, pizza and cake. The exact kind of party that isn’t blog worthy but it was perfect (other than Logie Bear being sick).

It’s crazy how much a year means, it really makes a difference having a child to measure time by. This year he even picked out the cake he wanted! Last year he barely even knew what cake was! I love watching him grow up so much.



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8 thoughts on “Logan #2

  1. Sammie says:

    Prefect cake! Shame about L being sick though. Was just family fir is this year too. No big parties till school now for us!

  2. lilalittlewolff says:

    Jess! I love that cake! We stick to family and friends close enough to be family less stress that way. Not no stress because I stress about everything but less stress.
    Sorry to hear he was sick, poor little man.

  3. spark says:

    Awesome cake! We did a family only picnic at the river for miss s’ 2nd birthday too. We had a huge party for Sienna’s 1st (think 100+…what was I thinking?!) but it was certainly less stressful doing family only.

  4. Happy belated birthday to Logan!

    Yeah minimum stress is good! I didn’t even blog about Lily’s 3rd birthday as we only had her cousins and my mother-in-law did everything but it was very low key. I think the whole birthday party thing is fun but we need a break some years.

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