No bah humbugs here

Now back in the past, I may have had the know how to plaster tacky Christmas stuff all over the blog. Thanks to my post Logan brain you guys don't have to deal with it! But it doesn't mean I'm no longer crazy about Christmas. I LOVE IT! Birthdays are a bit meh (at least my own) but Christmas man do I love this time of year. But make no mistake we shouldn't be rocking out under the misletoe until December 1st at the earliest! I'm looking at you every supermarket I've been in since October!

So when December 1st came a knocking our Christmas tree got put up (a fun family affair although Logan and Andreas would beg to differ! Mummy is a bit of a perfectionist!). But along with that came all the other Christmas fanfare including pulling out Logan's first ever advent calendar. Unfortunately it's a store bought one, I made my mum a pretty awesome one (if she ever uses it I will take a photo) and I'm totally jealous of Lila's over at Little Wolff. I think in the future I'll be making one myself but for now this one is cute. But I still wanted to be a little bit creative…

Because there isn't a lot of space in each slot I decided to do a more activity themed calendar. But I thought just putting scraps of paper was boring. Enter random brain wave – I'll make snow flakes!!


So there you have it, my little Christmas DiY to share with the world!

So far Logan has been pretty good with only opening one spot each morning but we'll see what happens. And for anyone wondering today's activity is to make a donation which I'm off to do right now.


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7 thoughts on “No bah humbugs here

  1. lilalittlewolff says:

    Love the snowflakes! Such a great way to personalise it!

  2. lilalittlewolff says:

    And thanks for the mention and the compliment!

  3. EmmieGemmie says:

    Love the concept of an activity themed advent calendar!
    Snowflakes are too cute!

    I love your store bought one (though I’m sure your homemade one is awesome too!) where did you get it?

    • aussiemor says:

      I bought it off Mumgo, it was a bit rouged up because they didn’t package it very well but nothing I couldn’t fix with a bit of gold nail polish hehe. It’s in the shape of a tree.

  4. Way too busy to attempt any DIY this year..but next year I’ll be back on it! I do like your snowflakes though as it doesn’t seem too difficult.

    BTW, I just emailed you..let me know if you didn’t get it! x

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