So the above photo makes two things very apparent – 1) Logan can rock a mullet but definitely needs a hair cut (2) TV is his new best friend.

I spent ages procrastinating getting our tv antenna looked at which meant we didn't watch a lot of tv and he'd only really get to watch kids shows at his grandparents. Once I got it fixed and we had the ABC (children's show tv channel in Australia) we were hooked. All the guidelines recommend no tv until he's two and we were doing reasonably well but now we're terrible at it. I hate admitting this, especially in the blog world were everyone is perfect but our tv is on a lot during the day. Sometimes it's ok and we'll play outside or do drawing etc… But more often than not he wants to sit and watch it. Halfway through he will start to play with other stuff but hello tantrum city if I should try and turn it off. I guess I can't blame him, it is 100% my fault and boy is the Mum guilt kicking in.

We're now trying to reduce the amount he watches but (hello bad parenting award) I will never get rid of it entirely, nor will it ever go down to him only watching 1 hour a day. Kudos to the parents who can do this but I sort of feel like highfiving other parents like me so that I know I'm not alone. It's just another one of those things in the long list of parenting competition I guess. But it's getting to me, so I'm trying to find new activities to do (especially with the crappy weather we've been having!) with him. It doesn't help that he has a socially anxious mother who hates going anywhere by herself – I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when I have a second child!

So even though play dough has fallen out of favour more drawing and building and pretend play is definitely on the cards. Along with play dates and trips to the park. But if anyone else has any other suggestions please let me know!


On a non related side note the new rule in our house is no dummy except for sleep time and two days in we seem to be doing well!



8 thoughts on “TV

  1. Lila says:

    Don’t stress,my older two watched a lot of tv and they’re turning out mostly okay! We still don’t watch a ton with Eve but that has a lot to do with her being completely unable to sit still, so don’t think it has anything to do with parenting skill!

  2. Sammie says:

    We are no dummy except for sleep time (and sometimes in the car)
    As for TV our new rule is no morning Tv except for weekends.
    TV at night is from 5pm.
    Rules are broken!
    Get out girl! Parks are fab! There’s a whole hour of your time gone in moments!
    Activities, catch ups with friends, the groceries, just going for a walk etc…
    We try to always so something in the mornings. So it’s up, breakfast, get dressed and GO!
    Home for sleep and the afternoon we play by ear.

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah I guess we do do quite a bit & like you I aim to get out in the morning & take the dog for a walk with a big park visit along the way! Or go out & have a play date or grocery shopping. I just want to have more indoor stuff to do with him when the weather is crap – just need to find those really good distractions.

  3. EmmieGemmie says:

    Bay used to watch hardly any TV but since Ivo came along I find myself plonking her in front of the TV more and more.. When I’m trying to get him down for a nap or cook dinner it’s a guaranteed way to get her out of my hair.. Otherwise she comes in and makes noise or pokes around all the hot pots and pans.. I have episodes of Playschool and Dora taped for the times when I need some space.. It is so handy.. But I have to admit sometimes the blank look on her face when she’s staring at TV scares me! I do try to limit it to one episode of each per day.. Which I guess amounts to an hr/day, but in full disclosure she also spends a fair bit of time on my iPad or iPhone too!
    Ideas for activities.. Most of the time I just let her entertain herself.. The more she has to do it the better she gets at it lol! She loves playing with matchbox cars and her tea set and her dolls.. After she goes to bed at night I set up her play area in different ways so when she wakes up it’s always a bit of a surprise.. I’ll dress up her toys, or arrange the animals into formation or build a tower or lay out the puzzles with pieces in wrong places etc etc.. I find she is more likely to engage with her toys when I do this..
    She also enjoys playing in the sink, fill it up with bubbly water and plastic dishes.
    I have these animal farm fridge magnets which she spends ages arranging and rearranging.
    A blackboard with chalk also good and much less mess than paint!
    Coloured rice in a tub has also been a hit but we did end up with rice everywhere.
    But seriously the best entertainment for her atm is her baby brother, so you could always pop out another one hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

    • aussiemor says:

      Haha I’m liking the last suggestion ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for all the ideas though. We ‘re going to get him a chalkboard easel for his bday. I like the idea of changing up the play areas too except he is so particular about where everything goes! God forbid I move a photo or trinket!

  4. Lily was really good with TV until Nyla came around! It’s shameful to admit but with being busy settling/breastfeeding etc it is so much easier to do it front of the TV which she also watches as well! So don’t feel bad!

    When the weather gets better we definitely get out more and spend time at the park and we do lots of walks (she sits on the seat attached to the pram). Other than that I tell her no TV until she plays in the room first and it helps when you don’t watch TV and you say the TV needs to rest.

    When Logan is older he would really get into imaginative play. I hear Lily doing voices and she can entertain herself with very simple toys.

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