Travelling Toddler Tips


I read a blog before heading over to Denmark that said avoid travelling with toddlers Logan’s age. Queue automatic freak-out and asking Andreas if we were crazy. Turns out we weren’t, I’m sure there are kids out there who are terrors to fly with but I wish people would throw out such a broad blanket statement, it really freaks out first time parents who have enough to stress about.

This was Logan’s second long haul flight in less than two years (and probably his last until we’ve bought a house!) so we sort of knew what to expect. I say sort of because when we went to Toronto he could use the basinet and was on the boob. And, as we all know, months cause lots of changes to our bouncing bundles of joy haha.

So on with the tips (on a side note these apply to toddlers under two who don’t have their own seat):

  • Book those basinet seats, sure if you’re kid is over the length/weight limits you won’t get it but the extra room is important!
  • Really think about what you’re packing as carry on. I’ve found you can get away with having lots more bags etc once they know you’re travelling with a baby/toddler but that doesn’t mean you should go nuts. The more bags you have the more difficult the child wrangling becomes.
  • Bring changes of clothes for everyone – this is definitely a just in case but Logan needed a change of clothes because sometimes it was too hot at the stop over airport or too stuffy on the plane. Make sure it’s not too bulky.
  • Don’t overdress your kid. The plane isn’t usually freezing (if it is ask the flight staff to do something about it) so I would suggest layering. If you are on a long haul flight chances are you’ll have a toddler/baby asleep on you which means shared warmth and can lead to a sweaty little monkey.
  • Another thing in regards to clothes, make sure you’re not wearing something with a tonne of buttons etc… You will be having a child trying to sleep on you after all!
  • Double check to see if you need to bring milk (this is why I missed the boob, damn bottles!). With Emirates we didn’t need to but it was a pain needing to pack bottles into our carry on. If you’re kid drinks out of a cup hurrah! I packed them into a zip-lock bag and bought extra so that I didn’t have to worry about washing them out on board.
  • Half the toys you bring won’t be used! Also don’t bring a puzzle unless it has big pieces you can’t lose. We wrapped our toys up but he really didn’t care.
  • iPads etc… Are your best friend, unless of course you hate them! If you can’t afford one you can use the entertainment system on board. We loaded a small iPhone up with Peppa Pig and it was a life saver.
  • Bring all the naughty food you never let them have. It’s a great distraction, our winner was the chuppa chup.
  • Aim for two backpacks and a small purse for yourself and if you are in the bulkheads remember it all has to go in the overhead. As soon as I got on I would take out a few snacks etc and shove them in that magazine compartment.
  • Write a list with what’s in each bag. I did this on the way back and it was fantastic. I took it out as soon as we got on board. On the way there I was always forgetting where things were and we’d be stuck pouring through bags at the most annoying times.
  • Ask the flight attendants for anything and everything. With Emirates we got milk for our bottles, fruit, a toy & rug and a jar of baby food (the purée kind but Logan ate it all).

That’s all but if you have any other questions please ask away


6 thoughts on “Travelling Toddler Tips

  1. Lila says:

    Fantastic list Jess!

  2. Sammie says:

    Bad treats are always reserved for things like that! Great post!
    Though I don’t think we will be long hauling it anytime too soon!

  3. Great tips! I’m going on a long flight with a toddler and baby..wish me luck!

  4. EmmieGemmie says:

    Great advice Jess!
    I’m hoping to take an overseas trip next year.. Am definitely more anxious about travelling with the toddler than the breastfeed baby!

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