So Gr8 Week seems to have fallen off the bandwagon along with my regular blogging capabilities. But that doesn't mean I'm not grateful and with this past weekend I'm even more so.

I'm going to talk politics so run for the hills if you like otherwise continue forth my wary reader 😉

I used to vote Liberal all the time believing voting for someone other than the two big parties was silly. The reason I voted Liberal, I liked John Howard and also liberal was best (still is apparently) for my parents who were supporting me at the time. Also their policies would occasionally suit me or at least not disadvantage me. But for some reason this election was different and I think it's because I was more aware and well read. It was obvious that most blogs etc… were not pro-liberal and even more anti-Abbott. I ignored that as I'd always been told you're voting for the party not the leader – to some extent yes but I got this sick feeling in my stomach thinking that the party would put forward this man as their leader. Needless to say I didn't vote liberal this year (Greens in case you were wondering).

But you know what, even though I'm upset about the choice of PM (especially his very conservative views) I'm over people asking why/how it happened. We're all individuals and therefore we all have our own opinions and vote accordingly. The majority of Australians voted Liberal and even if you don't agree with it don't slag people off for doing so. I wanted to quit Facebook Saturday night!

With this whole discussion going on it just makes me extremely happy that we live in a country were I can write the above and people can argue and disagree. There may be some shitty shitty aspects about Australia but having the right to voice our opinions without fear is a pretty awesome thing.

I'm also grateful that this election I finally voted with my heart. That is the biggest thing I will take from this and something I plan on teaching Logan as well. Research, research, research and go with what you believe in.


4 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. spark says:

    Bravo Jess!!! Really enjoyed reading this. I was really conflicted about this election. Whilst I loved seeing all the passion being fired up in my fb feed, I was a bit sad at the judgements being made based on what party you voted for!

  2. Lila says:

    YES! Social media has driven me insane, people threatening to set themselves alight over it and I just think Really?
    I go on a mix of what our local candidate stands for and party policies, I’m not thrilled with our new local member but I’m not surprised in the choice.
    I do think that all of the people who are unhappy should use that as motivation to get off their ass and start campaigning local members for change. Even if we had a local member that I was thrilled with I’m sure there would be policies that I’m not and I can’t understand why more people don’t realise that and become active in asking for change.

    • aussiemor says:

      That’s a great idea! But whinging is a lot easier than campaigning their local member (unfortunately). But still look at the power the independent guys had last year & they were listening to their electorate!

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