I’ve been AWOL for good reason (if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll know why)…we finally made the trek to Denmark (the country not the town down south for those West Aussies who read this blog). Initially I wasn’t very keen on the holiday and was more doing it for Andreas than for anything else but that all changed when we got there. Sure, my biggest fear was realised (they hardly spoke English whenever we had family gatherings) but it really wasn’t that bad and no, I didn’t learn any extra Danish whilst I was over there.

Many people seem surprised that Australians are willing to travel so far for a holiday but to me it isn’t such a big deal. What shocks me more is that I have still hardly explored my own backyard! So before I go off on another tangent below are some of the highlights from the trip and some photos too.

  • Enjoying yummy ice-cream – Logan had his first proper ice-cream over there which is bizarre! They have this yummy stuff called guf which is like marshmallow. The Danes would even put cream and jam on top of ice-cream, very strange to me.
  • Spending time getting to know Andreas’ family, we met pretty much everyone bar a cousin, baby, Uncle and two wives. It was pretty crazy given how big Andreas’ family is but it was also beautiful to see how much his family gets on with each other and how open and welcoming they were.
  • Berries – oh my god at the summer house there was a HUGE blueberry bush. I think I ate half a kilo of berries every day when we moved to Copenhagen.
  • Andreas being in control, it was funny taking a back seat and I found myself talking a lot less because Andreas could speak the language. It was a bit odd but was also nice not having to take charge all the time.
  • Logan’s vocabulary exploded over there, sadly no Danish words but he does say tak (thank you) bar (far – dad), bar bar (far far – grandad). In terms of his English words he now says – up, pwease, dudsey (dummy), daddy, mummy, cold, oh no!, ouch, in dere. He can also mimick a monkey, lion and elephant.

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Our little boy is definitely growing up. He was (for the most part) fantastic on the holiday but did revert to using his dummy non-stop and we turned into “those” parents giving him Peppa Pig on the i-phone any chance we got (it was the only way to keep him in the pram!). We’re trying to ween him off both at the moment and hopefully when the jet-lag passes we’ll be back to normal. But something tells me we’re heading into the terrible twos zone so wish us luck!

I’ll be back with a post involving some tips for long-haul flights with an almost two-year old and other holiday tips as well. On the flip side if anyone has any suggestions on how to get Logan to eat anything other than bread or sweet things please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Sammie says:

    We are having a dummy (muddy) attachment issue here at the moment too. Just cries and cries if she can’t have it. Though I draw the line at in public and it is not allowed full stop.
    Sounds like a fantastic holiday! One I can only wish for at the moment!

    • aussiemor says:

      Hehe I’m wishing to be in your shoes at the moment but hubby is keen to wait for bubba #2 & I don’t want to risk a payrise (even though in today’s day & age that shouldn’t be a problem!)

      Damn dummy issues why is this parenting thing so hard!!!

  2. Lila says:

    He’s just so adorable Jess!
    We go well getting rid of the dinny (dummy) for a while but then she has a bad day and it’s back. I don’t take it with us when we go out and try to hide it during the day, but it’s in her mouth right now so obviously that doesn’t work too well!
    Glad you had a good trip.

    • aussiemor says:

      Yeah I’m hoping daycare might solve the problem again. I can’t figure out how to solve the whinging all options dummy, food, peppa seem terrible but oh well! Good idea about hiding it though!

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