Family Time

This weekend we took time off to be with my family (well not really I wasn't working & Andreas was literally only there for a whole Saturday). It was fantastic, Logan's schedule flew out the window as we battled our way through the rain heading towards Margaret River. It was our last family hurrah before my little sister moves to Victoria with her fiancé.

We stayed in a converted shed which looked exactly like a house & even with 8.5 people we survived with only 1 bathroom! It was out in the bush & we could take our pack of dogs (4 between us!) although, they got delegated to inside with the bandicoots scurrying about outside the front door.


Logan grew up so much while we were down there. He fell in love with the beach & the waves and had his first big tumble in the surf (on shore thankfully but his Uncle sneakily caught it all on camera!). He did puzzles surprising all of us with how good he was & he talked more but it's still pretty much baby talk. He even got to do makeup with his Aunty every morning. I would love love love to up stakes & head bush but apparently it's very cliquey down in MR if you haven't grown up there. Still it's a dream and Logan would love to have chickens!



4 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. Lila says:

    Such a lovely weekend, Logan is such a cutie!

  2. sassandspice says:

    I love MR because of the variety of scenery and the chilled out atmosphere. I don’t think I can live there as I need the hustle and bustle still!

    I would love to see Logan again…we need to have another play date! I hope we don’t get any scary crows this time…

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